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STARFISH1961 SparkPoints: (51,334)
Fitness Minutes: (20,695)
Posts: 2,669
4/15/13 9:19 P

Alrighty then , I'll start now , can we count them on fitness tracker ? emoticon

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (58,001)
Fitness Minutes: (14,252)
Posts: 9,673
4/15/13 7:54 P

I do calf raises any time I'm stuck in a line. Might as well make use of the time, right?

TACDGB Posts: 6,132
4/15/13 7:34 P

Love calf raises.........I do around 200 when I do them. I do mine on a weight plate on the floor.....Or I do them holding a 66 lb. barbell........ emoticon So yes I am so in.........let's do this.........

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/15/13 1:28 P

I'll do it at my doctors. I can do it on the vibrating plate.

JENSTRESS Posts: 2,887
4/15/13 12:17 P

I'm in!

OSAGEAN SparkPoints: (3,124)
Fitness Minutes: (4,162)
Posts: 2
4/15/13 9:56 A

Hi all I have decided to do a daily fitness challenge, who's with me? Todays challenge is 100 calf raises. Stand on a stair with toes on the end of the stair, raise and lower yourself 100 times. You can also use a chair to hang onto to and raise yourself up on the ball of your foot, hold and then lower. You can do these all at once or break them up into sections, all that matters is that you are doing them.

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