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GRACESKY SparkPoints: (0)
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3/17/11 11:48 P

After 3 kids I lost all the weight plus some and had no "belly fat" I did however have lots of excess skin and it just never got better.

JMAYSIE Posts: 495
3/16/11 1:48 A

I weighed 223 when I had my child by c-section. That was 3 years ago and nearly 70 lbs ago. Unfortunately, I still have a pouch of skin that is very wrinkly right above the scar. I can pinch it and pull it away from my body, so I am pretty sure it's all skin.

SLBLAND1 Posts: 21
3/15/11 2:54 P

I guess from all the posts here, I should be saving up for a tummy tuck.

TMR0011 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/15/11 2:31 P

I didn't read the responses b/c I need to get back to work sorry if I repeat:

I think this is often determined by genetics. I do have a friend that lost a significant amount of weight (after 2 babies) and also has the problem your describing. Unfortunately, her doctor told her it was not fat but excess skin so it wasn't going away without surgery to remove it.

edited to add: Hers is loose skin that was stretched out by babies and weight gain... not the pooch so many of us try to get rid of.

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LENKA763 Posts: 2,395
3/15/11 10:33 A

I'm not sure mine is much smaller and flatter ,but still visible!!! at alest to me


3/10/11 8:31 A

I have been fretting about this. It is getting better but I can't fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans because of it, even though I am pretty much back to pre-pregnancy weight. Sigh...

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
3/9/11 6:18 P

I'm at my goal weight and I can still see where my stomach sticks out in my pictures. I don't think it will ever go away unless I had a tummy tuck.

MMCKINNEY7 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/7/11 3:58 P

Ok, my name is Kathrine..I'm starting where you started 216, and I just wanted to know how long did it take you to get to 175..I just had me daughter 2 months ago and I had to have a c-section..somehow it got infected and gapped open,it's just now almost i havent been able to do much excercise yet except walk and do the upper body..

2/27/11 5:56 P

After all the hard work I have put into weight loss, I am going all the way :) Tummy tuck in 2012 for sure.

I had a breast reduction/lift 4 years ago due to lower back pain and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I still smile every time I look in the mirror. I love myself already and improving areas that bother me only make me love me more.

Go for it if you have an area that really distresses you. Weigh the risks vs the outcome and do what you feel is right for you. I for one think plastic surgeons are a blessing from above :)

DODDSE Posts: 824
2/19/11 2:09 P

well I now know what to expect. I don't think I will do the tummy tuck surgery either - just a gentle reminder to not fill the skin back up after all the hard work to get it gone!

TRINA001 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/18/11 7:59 P

I'm fascinated that so many people on here are opting for a tummy tuck, or considering one.
I've had 7 pregnancies, babies ranging from 7lb 11oz to 9lb 11oz, and have the tummy to show for it!
I don't think tummy tucks are done as much here in uk as in USA.
I'd love to have a flat tummy again. I've always found that with exercise it improves, and the loose skin does improve slightly too, but I'm sure that even if I had the time and money to get a tummy tuck I'd probably chicken out lol.
I think even if I were to have one it would be less straight forward since I've needed physiotherapy for split tummy muscles.
Its too cold here to wae a bikini anyway lol.
Interesting to read all your posts though :)

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
2/14/11 9:40 A

I'm almost at my goal weight and I still have a pouch or whatever you want to call it. After having 2 children only 18 months apart in age, I feel it will never be flat or semi-flat again. I didn't gain much weight when I was pregnant with my children and I wasn't overweight at the time either so it wasn't because of gaining a lot of weight, I think it was just a result of regular pregnancies one after the other one.

PHDMAMA06 SparkPoints: (93,518)
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Posts: 6,334
2/12/11 6:40 P

Well, even though I'm back at my pre pregnancy weight, i still have a little pooch and I'm pretty sure it's loose skin and not fat. My pregnancy with my son stretched me out pretty good. Oh well, no more bikinis for me, but no biggie...

LINASMILEY07 SparkPoints: (14,320)
Fitness Minutes: (12,965)
Posts: 553
2/12/11 11:47 A

I hope so too

LYNNANN56 Posts: 80
2/12/11 10:32 A

We were all given a body that was predetermined, and even though we are striving to be healthy and 'thin' we are a loving reminder of the parents who had us!
I am much older than most of you (54), had two very large children, son was 9#3oz at 21.75" and daughter 2 years later was 8#60z at 21.25". I am 5'4" so they stretched me out pretty good. I have what I call a 'hang belly' and it's more skin than anything. If I keep the fat under control it's not so noticeable, but its loose skin and it's always there.
I hope that every mom out there can love her body, even if it's larger than she'd like, because it's such a miracle to be able to have babies!
My daughter is 23 now, and she is the most supportive when I'm having my down times because of my stomach(which I've obsessed over since she was little), and I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago and my stomach was at it's smallest in years then and I asked the doctor what could be done....he smiled at me and said "You have a naturally aging body of a mother of 2"..I thought that was very thoughtful...but also added "but if you'd done the incision the other way you could have tightened that up for me" emoticon

GZELLEFRO SparkPoints: (86,415)
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Posts: 4,894
2/10/11 9:02 P

Yeah I did have that problem too after I had my second child. I'm 5'1" and when I had him I weighed 172 lbs! That's more than 50 lbs over my idea weight. I lost my weight and my tummy (never had any boobs to worry about though lol) What I did was cut back on my bad fats, exercise with both strength training and cardio about 5 times a week. Don't lose hope, it's within your grasp! I never even had to think about getting a tummy tuck! Good luck! emoticon

BLONDIEGRRL Posts: 1,174
2/10/11 10:13 A

I still have a poochy belly, but I've got another 15 pounds to go before I reach my goal weight. Is your excess belly fat or loose skin? If it's fat, there is something you can do about it. I've poked and pulled on my gut, and I can tell it's all fat (I'm an apple shape -- thanks mom). So I've determined that I really need to concentrate on reducing my body fat, which, at 27 percent, is way too high for my liking. If I hit 125 and my gut is still blubbery, my goal is to burn more fat while gaining muscle, keeping my weight stable. I doubt I'll ever have a perfect belly, but I'm pretty sure I can make it look presentable enough for a two-piece bathing suit.

Good luck!

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ROFOMOM Posts: 117
2/9/11 2:58 P

I HOPE so! I've had 3 kiddos. My youngest is 2. . . I'm still working at it - hoping it will look fabulous by summer!

MOM2BN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 4
2/4/11 10:32 A

Before I started Sparkpeople I have lost 30 pounds... now on to the last 35 and Still have the "droopy wrinkl" lower belly But in the last week with more cardio and PLANKS it is finally tightening up. Not close to wear it was, but on its way there....
I think its the last to go.... =(

JENDD24 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,495)
Posts: 88
11/24/10 7:45 A

I have this too! I have a couple of the shapewear tanks that I wear sometimes. I think I will wear them more often now! I hope to have at least one more child, so a TT is out of the question for now. Sorry, I don't have any tips to help with it, just wanted to let you know you're not alone in it! I have been going to an abs class 2x week, and doing cardio 3-5x week for the past almost 2 years and still have the baby belly. :( I am trying spinning, yoga, & pilates next!

LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
11/23/10 10:31 P

Didn't have this after having my baby (at 35) - breast feeding seemed to tighten it again though always have had a soft tummy. But then gained slowly 20kgs and have lost it all again and have crepey tummy (just a little bit that looks worse when bend sit etc). Don't want surgery after doing lots of research. But it is getting slightly better with lots of exercise to reduce fat ratio and cocoa butter massaged all the time. Will try a wrap soon.

LUVCHE Posts: 60
11/19/10 11:48 A

I think I asked about this in this thread or another similar one: what about body wraps? I was thinking that after I hit my goal weight, I am going to a very reputable place here for a series of their deluxe bady wraps. I hear they help tighten that skin.
It'll be a while though (see me most recent thread)

LIWETZEL SparkPoints: (11,870)
Fitness Minutes: (6,229)
Posts: 65
11/19/10 10:51 A

After the birth of my twins and then my 8.5lb son 20 months later my stomach is literally a mess! I have lost 40 pounds yet I am still in the same size pants due to what i call the hangily dangily mom belly! My husband is very supportive of a tummy tuck when i get to my goal weight however, I have had several clients get tt's and it is brutally painful! The scars are pretty scary too! I also kinda think i might be a little sad to lose my c-section scars and mom belly...after all that was my kiddos first home! I have been tempted to try the wrap I am glad some of you talked about it! Thanks!

VIC2006 Posts: 645
11/16/10 8:15 P

i have gone from 220 lbs to 140 lbs recently and i too have the droopy belly and loose skin. I have spoke to my Dr. about it and he said the only way to tighten the skin completely is a tummy tuck. However, he did give me suggestions for the stretch marks and wrinkly issue. I have been applying Bio-Oil all over my mid-section twice a day. Believe it or not, the stretch marks have faded to being barely noticable and its not so wrinkly anymore. My skin is tightening up to an exent. It will never be 100 % without surgery but hey, i will take what i can get right now!!

For anyone interested, Bio-Oil can be purchased in a drugstore, over the counter for about $15 a bottle. A bottle lasts about 6 weeks, depending how liberally you put it on and how often.

WOLFYJGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (355)
Posts: 91
11/16/10 3:01 P

Ugh this is so depressing

LAINGMOM Posts: 472
11/13/10 6:04 P

Better? yes. Gone? Not without surgery!

DWILCZKO Posts: 3,010
11/13/10 12:27 A

i hope so!

ALECIA0823 Posts: 446
11/12/10 4:10 P

All I have to say is, thank goodness for girdles!

GRACENFAITH Posts: 1,858
11/12/10 2:45 P

Four kids, six pregnancies and losing over a person, I'm not complaining! My Hubby loves me for I am inside not for my outsides. My only thought is if I didn't have the extra droopy skin I would be at least a size smaller. God is still working on me, so it's all up to him what happens.
emoticon Walking for God

BUDIES31771 SparkPoints: (60,713)
Fitness Minutes: (57,683)
Posts: 1,500
11/10/10 9:24 A

Wow, I am glad I am not alone on this one. I have had three kids, and have gone from 210 to 161. I feel good except for that lose skin around the belly. I have really been thinking tummy tuck.

PIR8CHIK Posts: 781
11/9/10 1:08 P

I made my tummy tuck appt yesterday! Woo Hoo!!!! I'm so excited and nervous!
Dec. 10th is coming quick!
I can't wait to finally rid myself of that saggy skin, wrinkles and a really bad surgery scar from way back when......
It's been a long time coming!

MEGNOLIAS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,705)
Posts: 16
10/30/10 9:30 A

I've been trying since i delivred 12 month ago but no luck.

my belly looks firm exept the part above the C-section cut. i think it will never go emoticon

LHUHMAN1 Posts: 9
8/27/10 1:12 P

after two kids and getting down to a weight below my first pregnancy, i still have a wrinkly belly. I still wear bikinis i just get a bottom that's a little higher. now the saggy boobs, i am seriously contemplating doing something about those :)

7/20/10 10:11 P

In 2008 I had my triplets. I have lost 80 lbs since then and have spoken to several Dr.s about the baggy skin issue I have. All of the Dr.s I've spoken to have told me that I can always tighten my muscles myself, but I'll never be able to fix the skin on my own. The only way to fix that is with a tummy tuck (which I plan on having once I reach my goal weight!)

NIKKI_28 Posts: 687
6/23/10 11:56 A

Thanks everyone! Badge of courage sounds ok with me! I think we just need to walk proud and realize that our beautiful children are worth this. TT is a bit too expensive. Heck, I don't look at other people's bodies and judge them in this way, why do I do it to myself? I will talk tall!

LIVERLOO Posts: 70
6/21/10 8:02 A

not sure where i am with the tummy tuck or not thing either i had seperation of muscles with my third child as his being transverse did a number on me. Thanks for sharing your post it is frustrating at times to work so hard and be loosing weight and eating healthy and have escess skin maybe it can be a badge of couarge for us to service as a reminder that we have done soemthing wonderful for this world bybringing these beautiful children into it

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (189,251)
Fitness Minutes: (184,133)
Posts: 15,735
6/20/10 7:43 A

I kept weight gain to a minimum and moisturized daily - no stretch marks and a bit of wrinkly skin when I pinch, but 3 months PP I'm starting to get my ab lines back and eager to wear a bikini this summer!

CHUNKLEEN Posts: 392
6/20/10 7:40 A

I'll keep you posted, but I am trying to tighten up the wrinkles too. 19 months post partum - just getting back into the gym and have been applying oil to the 'problem areas' twice daily.

SHELLYL74 Posts: 265
6/18/10 6:32 P

No it does not get better. You can firm up the muscles and lose the weight. But the loose skin is there to stay. I have horrific stretch marks and loose skin from baby #1. Before I had baby #2 I got down to 130 lbs and in great shape. But the skin was actually worse with the weight gone because there was nothing there to fill it. After baby #3 its no worse and no better. Its either a tummy tuck or learn to accept it. Not sure where I am with that yet.

6/17/10 10:48 P

I've been asking the same question....mine doesn't seem to want to go anywhere!!

6/17/10 10:03 P

I am thinking the answer is no, it doesn't get better. My friends, who are skinny and think they are overweight (drives me nuts because I am overweight)...anyway, they have had a couple of kids, and they are down to their regular size and they still sag and droop (which secretly it makes me smile) not because I want them to have bad midsections, but it makes me think that I am not alone. They are much smaller than I am but still struggle with getting rid of that saggy midsection!

CJARRET11 Posts: 193
6/17/10 2:39 P

Can't say whether it works or not, but some cultures (and some stars) swear by wrapping your belly to help your body's muscle/skin memory. I know Brook Burke (sp??) has a whole line of corsets that she sells just for that reason. I have a friend from Africa who literally WRAPS her midsection every day with like 3 yards of fabric. I would think that wearing shape wear would have the same effect.

Just my 2 cents... like I said, I have NO IDEA if it works, but it makes a strange sense to me. I have a "dent" around my middle where my pants waist sits, so... :)

Maybe I should start saving for my tummy tuck now!


NIKKI_28 Posts: 687
6/16/10 4:12 P

Thanks everyone for replying! I love that we can come together and relate. I too am to chicken for a tummy tuck, but it might be the only fix. :)

PRISS83 Posts: 34
6/16/10 3:10 P

I was 265 before I was pregnant, 275 when I had her, now 221 and guess what? It sags, droops, hangs and all that wonderful stuff. I swear I don't remember my belly button being that low lol. But at least my boobs match? haha. I hope and pray it'll go back to normal, but ladies I think we are screwed. I'm just too chicken to get niped, tucked, or sucked.

Edited by: PRISS83 at: 6/16/2010 (15:10)
BIJOUX7 Posts: 790
6/16/10 11:16 A

You can tighten the muscles but the droopy skin is there for good. I am working out hard to get into very good shape and saving $$ for a tummy tuck so I can get rid of all of the loose skin.

JLWRIGHT1980 Posts: 1
6/15/10 11:13 A

I sure do hope so!! I just had baby #2 a little over 7 weeks ago and ready to lose this weight again. I weigh now what I was when I got pregnant with baby #1, but lost all that and about 36 pounds when she was a year old. I cannot remember what my belly was like then, but I think it was still droopy and wrinkly. Keep me posted to what works for you. emoticon

6/14/10 4:29 P

Great suggestion Julz! I'm going to get me some too! Can I get it at Ulta? Serum C+, right?

JULZ4784 Posts: 47
6/14/10 4:02 P

I haven't lost much weight yet . . . Just starting out (again) but I know all about that skin on the tummy. I was so huge with my 2nd and had to have an emergency c section but what I'm getting at is that my stomach wasn't even close to what it looked like after my 1st son.
I started putting serum +c on my tummy & noticed a huge difference. My skin is tighter if only it would suck the fat out too! emoticon

6/14/10 3:20 P

OMGosh Nikki! Me too! I've had 3. Got close to my goal weight after #2 and the belly started to go down after A LOT of work. Now #3 is 3 and a 1/2 and I'm working again towards my goal weight. Even DH (Dear Husband) noticed that my belly is quite different then after the other 2 kids. I'm not sure if it will or not. I've heard of things that help, like certain foods, teas, etc. I would at least get the blood and lymph circulating in that area with massage and stretching (twisting). Unfortunately, the skin does have a limit to its elasticity. Keep me updated and add me as a SparkBuddy!

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NIKKI_28 Posts: 687
6/14/10 2:57 P

Hello to my fellow moms! I've lost 30 lbs recently, highest weight was 218 lbs with my first kid. I'm a mom of 2 and have the baby belly to go with it. Now that I'm at my goal weight, my belly is droopy and wrinkly looking. (could say the same for my boobs, but one thing at a time!) I already have a strong core and do ab work. I'm wondering, does it get better? Has anyone lost weight, had this problem, and seen an improvement over time? Is there anything that will help besides surgery? I don't want to have to go there, but my husband (super supportive) even said that no questions asked he would support me in having a tummy tuck if I wanted as this is the only thing I'm self conscious of. Anyone who can relate I would love to hear from you!

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