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Mommy-to-be looking for prayers

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7/22/10 12:11 P

You're welcome,1GROVES2! I had been anxious to hear also!! I randomly came across her new post so thought if anyone was watching THIS thread, they might like to hear the latest!

Thanks for "thanking" me emoticon

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7/22/10 11:47 A

INDIANOAKS--Thank you for is nice to have feed back when people ask for prayer.

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7/22/10 10:31 A

In case any of you previous posters are unaware -- I just found this newer thread with an update on this "mommy-to-be":

And here's her SparkPage with a pic of her precious little one:

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7/11/10 1:45 A

emoticon emoticon

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7/10/10 10:58 A

I just wanted you to know that I have spent the last nine months on bed rest with incompetent cervix and the fear of pre-term labor. I am now looking at my 5 week old baby boy and it was worth every extrutiating minute not being able to do anything.

The best thing that I can tell you is to keep your mind busy. If you read, have someone go to the library and get you a bunch of books. If you are a social person... get on the web and start chatting with others so that you don't feel alone.

I'll keep you in our prayers... they are the answer!

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7/4/10 9:11 A

My prayers are with you. Don't worry you will be fine. I had a similar situation and was on bed rest for 9 months with high pressure,nose bleeds and spotting. At 24 weeks my bag ruptured and they told us we were going to lose our little boy or he would be born with brain damage. There was a nun at the hospital and she told me they are not god you talk to God and he will fix everything. Two days after they did an Ultrasound and the bag had stopped leaking on its own and he was fine. Today I have the most amazing smart six year old that's my hiking buddy. Don't give up God is always with you let him be your buddy throughout your pregnancy. emoticon

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6/29/10 3:52 P


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6/29/10 2:20 P

Hi patty. I hope you're doing well. I too had an incompetent cervix. Our second daughter was born very premature due to this, and she did not make it. Don't let that scare you. Our doctors had no idea that there was any issue with my cervix at that time, so no precautions were taken to prevent a premature birth. It sounds like your doctors are on top of things. We later got pregnant again, and I was on strict bed rest for 4 months, which was awful, but so worth it. I made it to 40 weeks, and actually ended up needing to be induced. Our son is now 15mos, happy, and healthy. You will be in my prayers, and if you ever need someone to vent to/talk to send me a message. I know how mind numbingly boring bed rest can get. Hopefully you enjoy reading. That was one thing that kept me sane

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6/23/10 8:57 P

Hi patty I too just had a baby and I'm also a first time mother, I went into labor unexpectaly and I had to have an emergercy c section...I was very nervous cause i thought of everything that could go wrong but it didnt, so my advice to you is just hang in there and it will be ok im the long run...I too had a baby girl whose name is ayanah she beautiful and healthy so youll be need to worry about a thing god will see you through it

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6/23/10 2:33 P

My prayers are with you.

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6/22/10 5:14 P

@ PattyOGreen: You're getting pretty close to the finish line! I bet you can't wait to hug that precious little life that has had your body on a roller coaster for 9 months! Good Luck! Prayers & Blessings for your family!

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6/22/10 11:12 A

Hope you are doing well. I see this was originally written in May. Hang in there!! IT is worth it in the end!!

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6/22/10 5:08 A

blessings to you and your littel one , take it easy and maybe pick up a copy of the power of a positive mom , great book!

Posts: 40
6/22/10 4:56 A

Blessings on you and the little one for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. Take heart!

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6/21/10 10:33 P

May Christ bless both you and your child! He is the answer to our every prayer....even the ones we say without making a sound....

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6/21/10 3:10 P

Good Afternoon Patty, Hope and pray that you had a good week last week.How are you getting along?

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6/20/10 9:42 P

My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and your little one. Put your trust in God and rest easy knowing that He has it handled.

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6/19/10 5:25 P


I hope you're hanging in there! Will be anxious to hear news... I too, had problem pregnancies -- with all my kids (preterm labor, HELP syndrome, proteinuria, etc!)...

The hardest one was my youngest son, I ended up on strict bedrest starting at only 18 weeks. I had to have a cerclage done on my cervix and was treated for preterm labor (they weren't sure which was the cause of my problems at the time -- so they were covering their bases). I saw the doctor at LEAST once a week during my entire pregnancy, was in and out of the hospital multiple times. They also gave me Celestone shots to help my baby's lungs mature while still inutero (since I started having trouble so early on)...

I can offer you one bit of reassurance -- your baby's chances are increased because she's a girl!! emoticon Boys lungs don't mature as quickly -- so they're at more risk if born prematurely... The other thing is that now a days even "micro preemies" survive (vs. in "my day" when I had my kids)!

Even after all my pregnancy problems with my son, he was born at 36 weeks and has been perfectly fine!! Initially he looked "small" but within a month, he looked like any other one month old baby!

You'll certainly be in my thoughts and prayers! Please keep us all posted on how things progress. Hang in there during your bedrest. It's not as easy people THINK it is -- I KNOW!! Hard to "take it easy" when you're so worried about the ultimate outcome etc.... AND you can only read so many books/mags, play so many games of solitaire, watch so many DVDs, etc etc! Just keep focusing on what a good job you're doing as a mom already taking great care of your little girl!! emoticon

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6/11/10 9:54 A

My prayers are with you. I also had a high risk pregnancy and my little girl was born at 32 weeks weighing only 3 pounds. She was in an incubater for 3 weeks and in hospital for over a month. She is now a happy and healthy 2 year old.

While she was in the special care baby unit I became friendly with a mum whose baby was in the incubator next to my baby, her child had been born at 25 weeks. I kept in touch with her and although her baby was in hospital for around 8 months - she is now home and healthy.

I wish you the very best of luck with the pregnancy and will say a little prayer for you both

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5/31/10 8:55 A

You and your baby girl are in my prayers

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5/30/10 1:39 A

I will be praying for you. Prayer works! God is listening! I have 4 children and my last 2 were high risk pregnancies. There was a problem with the umbilical artery, so the potential for not enough blood flow to the baby and high probability of premature labor was great. We started to pray.I began having weekly ultrasounds to check on the growth of the baby at 6 months. If the baby stopped growing they planned on delivering early. My son was born full-term, 7 1/2 lbs despite a 60% chance of being pre-term. He was our 3rd child and we fully intended on not having more children. Then, we discovered we were having a 4th and ultrasound showed the same complication with the umbilical artery. This time they gave us a 70% chance of a very pre-term baby. We prayed, my family prayed, friends prayed. And our daughter (after 3 boys) was not only born full-term, she was our biggest baby at 8 1/2 lbs. We learned to trust in God through all this. He has created these little ones and He is faithful to answer prayer in His perfect way. It will be an honor to pray for your precious little one.

Posts: 1,127
5/28/10 7:56 P

Praying for you and your wee little one. I'm going to send you an e-mail with a blog link of a mother of many that I think you'll like. She went through the same thing, writes beautifully and is a prayerful woman herself.

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5/28/10 3:04 P

I'm now on strict bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Hoping to make it to 24 weeks and further. My prayers for your baby too.

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5/26/10 9:12 P

prayers for you and ur baby. I lost twins Sept of 08. I have handled it ok. I am now 31 weeks pregnant with my 3rd little boy and have been on restriction and bed rest since 26 weeks. I am also being monitored for possible preterm labor. Now they there could be a blockage in babys head along with my body not dealing with the pregnancy to well. I am showing lots of blood in my urine at every appointment along with protien and high blood pressure. all I can say is keep strong, pray, and don't lose faith. It will work out. My family will keep you in our prayers. God Bless.

Posts: 218
5/26/10 8:48 P

I'm praying for you. I bled the entire first trimester, and the doctors couldn't do anything, except ultrasounds, sometimes once a week. Around the middle part of my second trimester, the bleeding stopped and I went to 41 weeks to deliver a healthy 6lb 2oz baby girl. Many many prayers as you go through this difficult time!

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5/26/10 9:08 A

Sending you lots of emoticon emoticon prayers and (((((Reiki Light)))))best of luck...Tina

Posts: 48
5/26/10 7:19 A

Thank you so much. My situation is the same, an incompetent cervix, combined with the fact that I had the leap procedure done a few years ago. I have a doctors appointment today to determine how much good the last week has done to help. I'll post afterwards, hoping for some good news.

Posts: 31
5/25/10 1:44 P

Hi- definitally praying for you!

I have been in your shoes, and I know it is scary and not fun. I was put on bedrest at 20 weeks for the duration of my pregnancy. I have what is called an incompetant cervix, and the weight of the baby causes my cervix to dilate silently (I had no idea- no contractions or pains). I had an emergency surgery to sew my cervix closed (it had dilated to 6am) and after lots of meds, a month in the hospital on trendelenburg position, lots of prayers, and a total of 16 weeks in the bed- my son came into this world a healthy 36 weeker at 7lbs 5oz. The drs didn't even think we would make it to "viability" (i HATE that word) 24 weeks. God proved them wrong.

My biggest advice would be to stay in bed! I know it is terrible and there will be days when you get very depressed and resentful of other normal pregnant women- and those days will be countered with days where you are just grateful and elated that you're still pregnant. I did everything flat- typed one handed, and even ate laying on my side. It gets easier as time goes by.

Posts: 696
5/25/10 9:08 A

Prayers sent sister.

Posts: 179
5/25/10 8:44 A

You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. Here's to a full-term delivery of your precious little one.

Posts: 48
5/25/10 6:16 A

Thank you so much. It's been so stressful worrying. I'm sure everything is going to be fine but I'm scared. Just needed some reassurance and support.

Posts: 2,437
5/22/10 1:51 P

I can't say I've been through exactly what you are going through, however, when I was expecting our twins (#4 and 5) I was put on bed rest around the 30 weeks (?) I wasn't to do anything much after 28 weeks, but we moved at that time, so pushed it a little, so ended up on bed rest. It was really hard with 3 other kids, a new house, having to still get ready for babies and home schooling! I can also understand the fears! I felt really torn because on one side was my 3 kids that needed a mom and the other side were my babies that really needed to stay inside for as long as possible! I did a lot of reading and playing games with my older 3 in my bed and came out just for meals, although the last week or 2 I couldn't even do that because I would pass blood. I was really scared. The only place I was allowed to go was to my dr. Anyhow... they still came early at 35 weeks. They were both healthy, but had to be in hospital for 2 weeks because they wouldn't eat on their own and our baby girl wouldn't stay breathing on her own. Thankfully it was just a matter of maturity and they grew into it and were home in 2 weeks. (That was the longest 2 weeks of my life though- longer than the bed rest... and that is another entire story of feelings and stress all to itself.)

I will definitely be praying for you and your baby girl! Stay on bed rest. My OBGYN told me for every week that baby stays inside, it's two weeks less in the hospital! Stay in bed... I know you may feel like you are going crazy, but it really is worth it! I used to think back a lot of how "if only", but know that it's over and there isn't anything I can do now. They are both totally healthy!

Take care, my new friend!! ((prayers and hugs)) emoticon

Posts: 48
5/22/10 9:15 A

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and the doctor put me on bed rest (along with obviously cutting off my exercise). The baby's healthy and my blood pressure is good but due to a procedure that had been done on me a few years ago and my own "anatomy", they are concerned that I will go into premature labor and if it happens before 28 weeks, I may lose the baby. I'm reaching out for prayers for my little girl. They reassure me that many mothers who go through this have perfectly healthy babies, but I'm still worried. Please keep my baby in your thoughts and prayers. And if anyone out there has been through this, please, respond, maybe it'll help me feel better if I've heard from others who've been there.

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