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SUGARPLUM59 SparkPoints: (1,078)
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7/29/14 5:35 P

Thanks for your advice. I have been eyeballing it and not eating on my calories just in case I am not accurate.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 18,929
7/29/14 5:23 P

How do you know what to log, if you don't know how much it measures or weighs? Tough to stay in the proper calorie range if you can't say for sure what those calories are.

Eyeballing is a road to failure, as people underestimate the amounts in front of them.
Guessing 4 ounces of meat when it is actually 6... guessing 1T salad dressing when it is actually 3. It is true that the most successful losers weigh and measure everything!

SUGARPLUM59 SparkPoints: (1,078)
Fitness Minutes: (302)
Posts: 13
7/29/14 3:36 P

No, I am not weighing and measuring. I am logging though.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 18,929
7/29/14 3:10 P

Are you weighing and measuring - and logging - ALL you eat?

SUGARPLUM59 SparkPoints: (1,078)
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7/27/14 5:53 P

Thanks, I am drinking more water and haven't had any sweets for 3 weeks. The scale hasn't budged.

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,482)
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7/27/14 5:50 P

Maybe try to think of a few small changes to help you get healthy to start so you are not overwhelmed. They are very lucky to have you to take care of them.

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SUGARPLUM59 SparkPoints: (1,078)
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7/27/14 5:13 P

Thank you for your encouragement.

FIT_MOMMY_OF2 SparkPoints: (4,196)
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7/27/14 5:05 A

Wow. I know this must be quite a challenge after you have already raised your own. But, because you love these little ones and need to be there for them, just think about how much they need you to be as healthy as possible as your motivation whenever you become stressed. You are blessing them so much by being there for them. :-)

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 18,929
7/12/14 10:22 P

Those kids should be all the motivation you need!
If you don't take care of yourself, who will take care of them?

SLOFTON1 Posts: 4
7/12/14 10:08 P

In February of 2013, I began taking care of my 2 great-grandchildren. It was supposed to be temporary, however because of circumstances it has become permanent. We are almost finished with adopting them. Ages(4 & 5.) I stopped caring for myself to take care of them and have gained 20 pounds. I need help to get motivated to get healthy,

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