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7/22/14 11:09 A

Down five pounds so far. very happy.
Drinking and eating healthy. Taking barley-fenugreek water every morning and that is helping me with my sweet cravings.
thank you jebbie for the encouragement. I will keep it up.

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Think positive and be optimistic.
JIBBIE49 Posts: 63,066
7/9/14 12:29 A

Stay with it and don't quit.

7/8/14 3:37 P

Got into bad soar throat and off the cleanse.
I have been having lots of hot soups and salads.
I am not giving up.

Think positive and be optimistic.
7/3/14 6:00 P

Already down one lb in one day. i am super excited.

breakfast: green smoothie with seeds
lunch: salad with little bit of asian sesame dressing and coconut water
snack: nuts and dried fruits and herbal teas
dinner: mixed veggie soup with sweet potatoes

Think positive and be optimistic.
7/2/14 12:25 P

Got my weight scale and it was shocking.
I have a goal to check my weight every day and I think i have created sensitivity to milk and wheat, so i am going to give it up and see how it goes.
First, the 21 day cleanse and then no wheat and milk.

Think positive and be optimistic.
7/1/14 2:42 P

I just started a 21 day healthy cleanse for my body. It is time to take action.
I love my body and so I have decided to take care of it and make it a priority.
I have already done 10 minutes of breathing exercises, had my smoothie and will do some yoga in the evening.
going to go for some veggie and fruit shopping. also, buying myself a weighing scale.
For every pound i lose, i am going to put 10 dollars in my piggy bank. I will need a new wardrobe once i lose it all emoticon

Think positive and be optimistic.
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