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KITTY20 Posts: 8,183
5/17/11 1:56 P

Would really love to see in the more area the fruit and veggie tracking icon like I do the water. I enjoy the app and it is really helpful.

Thank you.

SISTERMOM4 Posts: 29
5/13/11 5:24 A

Things I would like to see working differently in the iphone/ipod touch app:

1) in the more list, when I click on edit, I get a black blank screen, I think this is a bug. I was hoping to edit which modules were the bottom quick buttons.

2) I'd like to be able to record progress on my goals on the mobile app. When I go into manage goals, only the main weight loss goal is listed.

3) I'm not sure if it works this way or not, but I'd like to be able to add water and exercise and food when I'm offline, and have it upload later when I am connected to the internet

4) i'd like a way to make the water one of the bottom quick buttons.

SUNSHINEBG SparkPoints: (8,862)
Fitness Minutes: (17,793)
Posts: 230
9/27/10 11:56 A

I love the iphone app(also useful with my ipod touch!)

ROSYBEAR Posts: 21
9/27/10 7:21 A

THANKS! I guess when I downloaded the first time, I clicked on "Get Started" and didn't notice the option at the bottom for current members. I deleted it from my phone, downloaded again & it is working fine now!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,306
9/26/10 6:03 P

When a user downloads the app for the first time, they have 3 options:
1) Click the "Current Members" button and login with SP username and password. (This is the one you want to choose.)
2) Click the "Get Started" button. This will take the user through the setup process (height, current weight, etc). At the end, the user comes to a
screen with 2 buttons, "Create Account" and "Use App Without Creating Account."
a) Click the "Create Account" button. This will have the user enter a username, password and email address to register the normal way.
b) Click the Use App Without Creating Account" button. This will automatically create a username and password for the user.

Options 1 and 2a have a "Logout" button in the app. Option 2b has a "Connect to" button which allows the user to "create" a username and password with email address so they can use that to log into the iPhone app and now

None of these options allow for linking accounts with an existing account.
If a user starts the app with option 2b, they
will have to uninstall and reinstall the app in order to change the account.
The other two options, 1 and 2a, can just click the "Logout" button under More->Settings if they want to change accounts--no need to uninstall/reinstall.

I hope that helps!

Coach Denise

ROSYBEAR Posts: 21
9/26/10 3:22 P

Anyone know how to link to an EXISTING account with Spark People instead of having to set up a NEW account from your iPhone?

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