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8/15/13 9:13 P

Thanks for the encouragement. Again, my kiddo needed me. She is a single mom on her ownwho is working, going to school doing a fantastic job raising her daughter. She had her tonsils out 2 days ago and it is very hard on her. Tomorrow will be better for all of us.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
8/15/13 1:20 P

Actually, you should be scheduling in one rest day every week. What rest day means often depends on your fitness level and length of time you have been exercising. For very active people who have been exercising for months, a rest day might mean a hike or yoga. But for a beginner, a rest day should be a rest day with leisurely activities only. Your body grows stronger as it rebuilds during rest. If you don't allow rest, you are creating too much stress on your body and not allowing time to maximize all of your hard work.

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8/15/13 10:05 A

Sometimes things come up that you can't avoid and you have to figure out the worth of both. It sounds like you made a good decision, and I'm sure your daughter appreciates your time :)

HEAT04 Posts: 115
8/15/13 8:18 A

I try to be strict with my schedules. But, this summer has been tough with vacations and busy weeks. This week, my daughter has been sick so I haven't had time to do much fitness wise, but I'm trying to be diligent in my food. I have to tell myself to be flexible and not feel guilty.

OAKDALE41 Posts: 952
8/15/13 8:06 A

Absolutely! You will find the time today.

WIDGET65 SparkPoints: (5,309)
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8/15/13 6:27 A

Yesterday was the first day in 10 straight days. I was disappointed but my daughter needed my attention instead. I think it was a good trade.

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