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Mirena and weight gain

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4/27/13 8:37 P

I so wish I had really investigated before I had the mirena put in. I had it put in 5 years ago to ease my really bad periods. I had it taken out this week and I am now 30lbs heavier. Heaviest in my non pregnant life. I really did not connect the dots. I thought it was age because I know my thyroid is low but that is a lot of weight to gain when I had remained around 130-135 for years and I am at now I am 165 and I am 5'4. I am very depressed about my weight. I have not had energy in a few years. It did help my periods but not worth the side effects!!!!

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11/22/12 9:48 P

OMG, I know what you mean about the weight gain with Mirena. It's not that I gained a ton of weight on Mirena. I gained weight b/c of pregnancy and bad eating habits.

HOWEVER, I couldn't lose the weight that I gained. I changed my diet. I started working out. Nothing would happen. So, I started asking around. That was a common problem that my friends on Mirena were having too. Gaining weight was easy but losing it was next to impossibe.

Ugh. I'm working on it now...but it's taking everything I have to lose this excess weight.

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11/21/12 9:36 A

I was on the pill for 10 years before having my daughter, then back on it for another 6 after she was born, and never had the weight gain. I had to go off the pill because of migraines and got the mirena. The part of this that bothers me so much is that I have been 'fighting' my weight for 3 1/2 of the almost 5 years I have had the mirena. Have had my thyroid checked many times, full blood workups, etc. The last year I have been more active and have more actively watched what I eat and drink, but have gained even more and the majority of the gain is in my abdomen, which is really odd for me. I have almost always had a flat stomach and now can't get it flat to save my life. I try to eat more foods with fiber and we actually eat pretty healthy; we grill almost everything, very very rarely fry anything, don't drink pop at all, very rarely eat candy or any kind of desert. Frustrated and stressed.

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11/21/12 6:53 A

There can be, just like with most BC. I've been on mirena for 2.5 years (plus a year in between my two pregnancies). Personally, I never *noticed* any weight gain associated with it and I haven't had any issues losing weight on it. Everyone is different though. From what I recall weight gain associated with BC is usually only around 5 lbs (water retention from the hormones). If you've been on it this long and started gaining weight awhile into wearing it, I would suspect there is another culprit. Have you begun tracking again and trying to lose what you gained?

If you feel bloated and constipated, I would think there is an issue with your diet. Is it possible you've developed a food allergy or intolerance? Are you getting enough dietary fibre? Have you asked your doctor about your symptoms?

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11/20/12 1:35 P

I got my mirena February of 2007 and was also on topamax for migraines at the same time. Don't remember my weight at that time, but December of 2008 I weighed 105lbs. I went off topamax summer of 2009. I now weigh 131lbs, a gain of 25lbs in less than 4 years. During the last 4 years I have started running 5ks with my daughter, but had to stop because of leg injury. I watch what I eat, meaning eat only when I am hungry and try not to eat too much. I work out for 1 hour at least every other day for the last 3 months (1/2 hour cardio and 1/2 hour weights). I have also really cut back on the beer. In May of 2012 I weighed 118lbs and now suddenly have shot up to 131lbs. The kicker is that since May I have really been trying to lose weight, but seem to keep gaining. Most of the gain in in my abdomen area. I have become stressed and anxious about it, not sleeping, feel bloated and get easily constipated. I am no longer on the mirena because of birth control (boyfriend of 4 years had a vasectomy years ago), but keep it because of period control. My last OBGYN visit was beginning of October and was told I could keep the mirena longer than the 5 years since I was only using for period control. I just today wondered if there was a correlation between the mirena and weight gain, etc so I searched the internet and here I am. I am seriously considering having the mirena removed and see what happens with my periods.

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