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8/4/11 10:27 P

Thanks so much! I just got my first packages and I'm so excited to try them!

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8/3/11 8:55 P

8/2/11 2:17 A

I use then all the time, but don't have any specific recipes. You can use them any way you would normally enjoy pasta...Just healthified! ;-)

I have made them Mexican style...Added soy crumbles, cilantro, salsa...Kind of a Mexican spaghetti, I guess.
I have also just done them like spaghetti, but I do usually use soy crumbles, but you could use whatever ground meat that you enjoy on your healthy eating path!

MMINITEACH SparkPoints: (20,126)
Fitness Minutes: (16,902)
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7/24/11 10:48 P

I'm trying miracle noodles and looking for some yummy recipes. I've have the angel hair noodles.

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