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PJANTO Posts: 79
1/9/13 12:09 P

People bash Mio because of the propylene-glycol and other chemicals, but I love it. I put a few drops in a mug of hot water because I hate drinking cold water in the winter. Lemon and strawberry taste great hot. I feel that the benefits from drinking more water outweigh any possible risks from exposure to artificial chemicals in the Mio. I mean truly, you only need a few drops. I do wish, however, that all of the water enhancer sticks, drops, etc. weren't colored. I am a grown-up who doesn't care what color my water is! I hate when I get it on my hands and shirt though!

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (41,031)
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1/9/13 11:14 A

Ingredients in Mio: Water, citric acid, propylene glycol, malic acid, contains less than 2% of natural flavor, sucralose and acesulfame potassium, (sweeteners), potassium citrate, polysorbate 60, Red 40, Blue 1, potassium sorbate (preservative). So I guess you have to ask yourself if you want to put those substances in your body. If these chemicals don't bother you, then enjoy your Mio. Me, I'll stick with plain water or for a change of pace, I'll squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice in my water and maybe add a touch of organic stevia.

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1/8/13 7:56 P

Mio has artificial sweeteners (I think aspartame but I am not positive) and that is why it has no calories or carbs and still manages to be sweet. Just keep in mind that some people are sensitive to artificial sweeteners and can develop headaches or diarrhea from them.
If you are going to try it, use the smallest amount you can tolerate and watch for side effects. If you get them, stop using it.
You can also consider slicing citrus fruits and putting them in a big pitcher of water. Yes, it adds a few calories and some carbs, but it can also be the gateway to you learning to love plain water.

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1/8/13 4:09 P

I use Mio type flavoring in my water. I can't drink plain water unless I am working out. It tastes like metal to me no matter if it is bottled, filtered or just out of the tap

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1/8/13 4:04 P

MIO sounds interesting -- I will have to check it out! If you like it and it helps you drink water without drinking calories, I say go for it. One of my clients supplies Hint flavored water and I love it (though I won't buy it myself -- too expensive).

If you want to flavor your water more naturally, you could also try squeezing in some lemon, lime, or grapefruit, or floating slices of orange, strawberry, cucumber, etc.

1/8/13 1:50 P

Water is used to hydrate the body, and so do other beverages such as the one you mentioned as well as juice, milk, pop, diet drinks, tea, coffee---they all count as water/fluid for the body.

The Mio being a calorie-free beverage could definatly work in your weight loss plan. Enjoy.

Dietitian Becky

LAURAAT Posts: 1,506
1/8/13 1:05 P

Diet coke has 0's across the nutrition, but that doesn't mean it's good for you. To me, I'd rather not drink MIO, just because of the ingredients. Natural water is a much better option to me. Or sparkling. Or tea. That's about all I will count as 'water'. But I think it's more of a personal choice. This is your journey, what do YOU say counts as water/healthy?

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1/8/13 12:00 P

What do you think about MIO? I hate drinking plain water and really discourages me but when I add just a little flavor, I can drink 8 glasses with no problem. It has 0's across the board on the nutrition so I don't really see it doing anything to my heath.

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