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7/2/13 10:28 P

If this happens consistently, update your fitness settings to include your usual calorie burn. This may update your calorie range. If it is just sometimes, as happens with me, I would leave it as it is. If you are consistently going over your "recommended" calorie burn though, you really may need to be eating more, which is why SP gives you that warning. In your fitness settings, there is a place for you to enter your calorie burn goal, if you have one. :)

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7/2/13 8:55 P

Don't stress over the minutes. Update your fitness program to outline the program you're following for yourself. You can manually enter your minutes and calories burned to set up t he program so that you'll stop getting that warning, and may even get a calorie boost on your range if you're not eating enough!

7/2/13 8:24 P

So the tracker tells me to burn a certain amount of calories and workout a certain number of minutes. I always burn plenty of calories and then I eventually hit my minutes. But this gives me way more calories burned than needed. So then I get the message that I'm working out too much and not eating enough so then it ups my calories to eat and tells me to change my workout tracker to update my future workout amount. Is this vicious cycle happening to others? I can't say the program isn't working b/c I've lost 55 lbs since January 1 but the rig-a-ma-roll of changing stuff up all the time is tiring.

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