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3/17/14 9:09 P

When you figure that most people eat 3 to 5 k in calories per day or more, just cutting back to 1500-1800 calories is huge! And then add in going from being sedentary to being active is another major achievement. And unless you have a really good monitor that accurately calculates your calories burned I think it's too easy to over estimate the calories burned.

I need to track calories to keep myself honest about my eating. It works for me. I don't worry about "eating back" my exercise. I stay within my calorie range and exercise as vigorously as I can on any given day. And it's working for me, which in the end is what matters most!

Figure out what works for you. How much exercise, how many calories, what foods, and how it makes you feel is what you need to consider.
It has taken me 10 years to come up with what works for me. The scariest thought for me is what do I do when/if this quits working!

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3/17/14 4:28 P

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3/17/14 4:05 P

That's what I was figuring. I am doing Jillian Michaels website, and she indicated the "magic number is 1200," but on Mon., Wed., and Fridays I am doing at least 600 calorie workouts. I get the understanding about the 1200 calorie, but I was using JM's website of indicating "1200 is the magic #." I am finding myself coming back to SP because just more user friendly as well as quicker response in support. :)

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3/17/14 3:56 P

Eelpie is right, you will likely need more nutrition if you are burning half of your daily intake during a workout. You might get by once in a while doing that but ultimately you will need more to keep yourself going. When I have a hard workout, I give myself an extra small meal that day. It keeps me from binging or grabbing something unhealthy because of hunger or light headedness.

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3/17/14 3:52 P


There is nothing magic about 1200 calories. That number has been determined as the bare minimum an adult woman needs to eat to ensure she gets all the vital nutrients her body needs to function properly.

If you were to eat 1200 calories, then burn 600 calories with a workout, that means you're only netting 600 for the entire day. 1200 gross - 600 = 600 net. That's not enough calories to keep a grown woman healthy. You're starving your body of the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

Losing weight isn't just about cutting calories. It is true that most Americans eat too much and need to eat less. The problem is that they are eating too much of the wrong food and not enough of the right foods. QUALITY of the food you eat has a bigger impact on your waistline than you realize.

So, instead of eating less to lose, try to eat right. In short, instead of cutting your calories so drastically, why not start by eating a few more servings of fresh fruit and veggies ? Why not try to more wholesome foods that nourish your body instead of eating highly processed foods.

Yes, you want to eat a little less, but not to a point where you are starving your body of vital nutrients. Keep in mind that the software may have determined that you need 1200 calories to lose, very aggressive. But, if you've been eating 2000 calories per day and now you start eating 1200 plus exercise, you're going to get awfully hungry awfully quickly. That's too drastic a drop.

So, instead of trying to lose two pounds per week, you may find it a bit easier to stomach if you set the nutrition tracker to lose one pound per week.

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3/17/14 3:46 P

I normally eat back half of what I burn.

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3/17/14 3:35 P

My magic number for minimum calories for weight loss is 1200, but if I do a 600 calories workout, should I only still eat 1200 or how does this work?

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