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11/22/11 9:54 A

I joined Planet Fitness and I actually like the atmosphere and no frills approach to training. The setup makes sense and is oriented around working out efficiently.

I use to Body Build before a massive clot caused by a muscle pinching a vein in my neck forced me to get surgery and spiral into a long, long, long depression and weight gain. The personal training may be generic but your trainer didn't lie to you. Free weights have Pros and Cons. For example:

Pro - They force small muscle control and provide better overall muscle fatigue.
Pro - They allow you greater range of motion.
Pro - They allow you greater workout creativity.

Con - They force small muscle control and can injure inexperienced beginners.
Con - They allow you greater range of motion and cause hyper extension injury in beginners.
Con - They allow you greater workout creativity and can be overwhelming for beginners.

Free weights are, simply put, dangerous. The difference between a strain and a tear is as small as how you turned your wrist during an exercise or how far apart your legs were on a lift or how straight your back was. Free weights take practice and they take concentration. They look cool and and there is something feral about pumping literal iron, but a single break in focus can ruin your exercise, hurt you, or in some cases with some exercises literally kill you.

You must also consider that free weights force you to start very small. When I assisted people who wanted to jump into free weights without exception I had them do self weighted exercises first for a time to build muscle and control. Push ups narrow and wide arm or inverted are an example. Self squats while holding arms out with palms up is another. These forced them to learn form and it showed them exactly how weak their supporting muscles for the larger groups were. Try holding your arms extended with palms up while you lean against a wall and do squats. You will feel a pulling in your abdominal muscles and shoulders and biceps, as well as your lats and neck, and quads. Now imagine doing the same exercise or a form of it with weights even a 5 pound weight in each hand while trying to maintain form. You would likely complete half the reps you otherwise could and would sustain much more fatigue to your muscle groups lengthening your recovery.

The point is that free weights provide the BEST advantage when you are at a good physical level (not great, not average, but good). Otherwise they will lengthen your return for results and cause you greater risk for injury.

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10/12/11 2:09 P

I am at school next to one of their branches in denmark.. The place is always empty- I could go in and train for free no one would notice..
Nice enough gym, new equipment and lack of staff.. I would look for a beginners workout on the internet with the equipment I wanted to use and look the exercises up on
I think I have navigated myself around the gym with no comments on my form- which is more than some of the younger guys do..
I enjoy doing clean and jerk plus deadlifts without any problems thanks to think for myself principle...

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10/12/11 10:27 A


That doesn't surprize me at all. Since Planet Fitness is a no frills gym, it sounds like you got a no frills workout.

Now, did this PT ask you any questions about what kinds of goals you have ? Here's the thing, you can't tell a PT you want to lose weight and get fit. Everyone wants that. If you want a routine crafted to your needs, you have to be vocal with your needs. Thus the need to be specific.

Do you get another session with this trainer or some other ? If so, be specific. If you want defined arms or legs, you've got to tell them. Otherwise, they'll do whatever they want. There are many good PTs out there who will ask what your goals are. If this one didn't take your needs into account when creating that workout, then it was just some generic program they give to everyone.

If the workout seems harmless, you might as well give it a try. You have to start somewhere.
You can always change things up to suit your needs later.

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10/12/11 9:26 A

Unlimited obviously refers to the amount of time, not the skill of the personal trainers!

10/11/11 6:39 P

I hate planet fitness. First off, it's a franchise and they will never give you their corporate number to
complain. I never realized that they gave personal training. half the people that work there seem to be my age or younger and sooo not caring about working there. They barely clean. Honestly if you want a one to one approach, try to get a free one week trial to Golds gym or ballys. They both
have personal trainers and you can see if you can get one free session to get you started.
Planet fitness is literally you get what you pay for. I go twice a week or more, but ST wise, google stuff, ask people in the field of training, and watch the videos on SP. Once you have the foundation down, you can go branch out. good luck

10/10/11 8:33 P

Planet fitness sure is something. It has it's place. It is cheap. The "personal training" certainly isn't what anyone would expect. I have a membership there too. I take it for what it is. It's $10 is what it is. The one thing I did notice, while going there, is that a ton of people are usually on staff at the same time (unless you go at 3am). So, maybe you can speak to one of the women there. I'm not one to separate men and women. However, maybe you can ask to speak to a women for a different perspective. Or just that you would want to speak to someone else (woman or man) for a different perspective.

No matter what, you pay for the service and you have a right to explore all options the service can provide for you.

Best wishes and congrats on going back to school!!!!!!

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10/10/11 8:19 P

See if you can get a new personal trainer or print off some exercises from here if possible that can be done at gym and show him. There has to be a way and if it comes down to it make your own plan and just use that. See if the person at the front desk can help you log so you get your credit. And congrats on going back to school I am currently going back for mine and as hard as it is this far out it is rewarding. Congrats on that and congrats on working towards a fitter you even if it is for school. emoticon emoticon

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10/10/11 6:15 P

You can use the fitness tracker here on spark people. If you look at the grey bar right under the strength training box you can click on the link to let SP generate your workout for you.

If you're new to ST you can follow along on some of Coach Nicole's videos on the Healthy Lifestyle tab. Many of the routines use dumbbells.

Sorry your experience with the trainer was so generic and didn't met your expectations. Nicole's videos can also be viewed on youtube so if you have a phone that can get that, you can do them at your gym as well.

10/10/11 6:06 P

I just wanted to blow off a little steam, I guess, after a somewhat disappointing morning. I wasn't going to 'splurge' on a gym membership, but I need a PE credit towards my diploma and the adult high school that I'm attending doesn't have classes starting until January. I can earn a half a credit for 'independent study' by putting in 48 hours at the gym.

I joined Planet Fitness because the membership cost is so low to be honest, but I was excited at their promise that their basic membership included 'unlimited personal training'.

Well, I made an appointment with their personal trainer for this morning, and let me tell you it was nothing to get excited about. He sat down with me and matter of factly began to draft the most generic 'routine' I've ever seen. 3 sets of 10 reps on the Leg Press machine, Chest Press machine, and a Back Row machine.

Early on in the session I mentioned to him that I was more interested in free weights and body weight exercises than machines, and he blew me off by telling me that in my current physical condition there was too high a risk of injury for me to start off with free weights right away.

Man, what a let down. I guess I figure out my own routine that doesn't insult my able bodied adult-ness.

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