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BREW99 Posts: 861
8/29/11 7:44 P

You can do just about anything with millet as other grains. For instance, you millet instead of rice - can I say healthy fried rice! Yum! I also like to make this in the morning for my husband - he adores it: Sweet Millet Bowl. You basically just have to make millet (if you have an Asian style rice cooker that is electric this is even easier because you can preset it to be ready in the morning when you wake up). Add some frozen or fresh corn kernels and brown rice to the millet - then cook it as normal. If you want something a little smooth - add some almond milk or other milk. It's great in a lot of things. If you want it just as a side - add broth instead of water (any kind - I use vegan since I'm vegan). This makes a delicious tasting side dish. Yum!

KELEKONA Posts: 605
8/29/11 5:23 P

I like millet, except that it tastes a bit plain. I poach an egg on top of it, but the runny yolk still leaves something to be desired.

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