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ILOVEMY2BIRDS Posts: 2,646
6/10/10 6:42 A

I use 1%... I find skim a bit too watery.

RENECHAR Posts: 233
6/10/10 3:24 A

I drink a cup of milk in the morning split between my cups of coffee.


LYNDSAYM2 Posts: 4
6/10/10 2:11 A

Skim milk for me. When I was little I HATED skim milk. But as an adult, I decided it was time to cut back on the fat from the 2%. I NEVER thought I could like skim milk, but now I love it and drink at least two glasses a day and use it for all cooking that requires milk. Cuts calories in the food and you can't even tell the difference.
What I did to switch was just to gradually make my way down to skim milk. First we would buy 1% for a long time and it tasted the same as 2%. Then after a while we went down to 1/2% and that was no big difference in taste at all, then after a while we gave skim a try and it tasted the same as the 1/2%. Ta da! No prob. In fact, now 2% tastes really gross to me, like too heavy or something...bleh

MAIZY243 Posts: 220
6/9/10 8:45 P

I am allergic to milk of any kind. Even a small amount makes me very sick. So I get as much calcium for calcium fortified foods and take calcium supplements with vitamin D.

ALWAYSME-JAN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (54,088)
Posts: 1,590
6/9/10 4:30 P

1-2 cups of skim milk

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SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (286,232)
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Posts: 62,858
6/8/10 8:40 A

2%,yeah! emoticon

CARLAD22 Posts: 379
6/8/10 8:06 A


PAHEALY Posts: 1,085
6/7/10 8:37 P

skim milk 1 - 2 cups daily

SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (286,232)
Fitness Minutes: (82,974)
Posts: 62,858
6/7/10 8:06 P

I'm feeling that light vanilla soy! emoticon

STITCHES182 Posts: 401
6/7/10 4:58 P

skim 1-2 cups

MEADSBAY SparkPoints: (271,955)
Fitness Minutes: (162,071)
Posts: 13,826
6/7/10 4:55 P

1% for me- maybe 1-2 cups a day


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CHRISTINEIH Posts: 7,330
6/7/10 7:58 A


PAHEALY Posts: 1,085
6/5/10 9:12 P

Skim milk

JEANNETTE59 SparkPoints: (278,990)
Fitness Minutes: (243,572)
Posts: 13,921
6/5/10 9:09 P

skim milk

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6/5/10 6:46 P

emoticon emoticon
2 - 1% nutrelle milk every day!

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LORISEVERANCE SparkPoints: (36,920)
Fitness Minutes: (21,474)
Posts: 1,678
5/23/10 2:27 A

every day. non fat. 2 glasses (sometimes more!). loved it since i was a child.

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CHATTIEGIRL Posts: 3,949
5/23/10 2:17 A

I'm bad but when it come to milk I want milk, whole milk. I remember as a child the milk man and the cream on top and we are 8 children and all tall and healthy. Still 7 of us. and all above 50.Beef the same way if I buy a hot dog it better be beef. I guess I have hang ups but I don't drink milk, just on cereal and cook with and hot dogs maybe once a month if that. My little vices.

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SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (286,232)
Fitness Minutes: (82,974)
Posts: 62,858
5/23/10 1:29 A

It does a body good 2% emoticon

MAUREENMOZ Posts: 1,041
5/22/10 6:06 P

skim milk

SHERRYK5 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (13,586)
Posts: 1,277
5/22/10 4:41 P

hate it

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NANFACEMIRE1 Posts: 34,369
5/22/10 4:28 P

I use skim milk for everything. I almost always have a glass of milk for dinner, I just count the calories/points. I do take calcium supplement with Vitamin D also

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5/22/10 4:14 P

thats nice to know I blend a leaf of kale in my smotthie with almond milk every morning!!

IMLUVN8 Posts: 581
5/22/10 12:57 P

I've been drinking skim milk since I can't remember when. I like it.

To the OP, why don't you have milk & water with your dinner?

MEP171 Posts: 57
5/22/10 10:51 A

You don't have to drink the milk of another mammal to get calcium.

There is a lot of calcium in bok choy, cabbage, sui choy, romaine lettuce, collard greens, kale, broccoli and even figs.

Just 100g of collards has 30cal and 145mg calcium. Compared with 100g nonfat cow's milk which has 42cal and 125mg calcium.

So, blend a few leaves of collards, kale or lettuce into your smoothie or whip up a quick stir-fry for a delicious bit of calcium without taking the milk from baby cows.

5/21/10 12:02 P

I really like Silk Almond Milk. Original is only 60 calories a serving. Thats not too shabby!!

LBIMAMMA Posts: 451
5/21/10 11:27 A


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KEELY128 SparkPoints: (279,619)
Fitness Minutes: (232,547)
Posts: 5,908
5/21/10 6:18 A

I do, usually fat free

TDHFIFTY Posts: 275
5/20/10 11:51 P

Skim Milk

DONE2009 Posts: 268
5/20/10 10:45 P

im not a milk drinker at all i just take a daily vitaman to help me

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5/20/10 9:42 P

I hate milk unless it's chocolate or I'm dunking Oreos in it, lol. I have switched to dean's ultraskim with light Hershey's syrup! I now look forward to it!


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5/20/10 8:18 P


URHERE Posts: 482
5/17/10 6:48 P

Are you saying that you find it unfair to have to count calories for a food that provides needed nutrients?

GARYJAN SparkPoints: (14,711)
Fitness Minutes: (1,270)
Posts: 539
5/17/10 6:17 P

I thought it would be a BIG problem to switch to non fat milk but I had no trouble at all. emoticon

ANDI_3K Posts: 1,733
5/17/10 4:16 P

I love milk and will often have it with dinner, I am trying to go to 2% but I do love whole milk and will sometimes have it to compensate for the fact that I usually go so far over my exercise goals that sparkpeople "yells" at me to increase calorie intake.

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5/17/10 4:14 P


JEANNETTE59 SparkPoints: (278,990)
Fitness Minutes: (243,572)
Posts: 13,921
5/17/10 2:45 P

Nonfat milk for me. Everything you eat or drink counts, tracking really helps. Remember everything is recommended daily amounts. Its highly unlikely that we will meet every nutritional standard everyday. Tracking your vitamin and mineral intake along with calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber provides you with a tool. It shows if you are consistantly getting too little or too much of something. If you are concerned after a few weeks of tracking ask your doctor if you should consider taking a supplement.

If you have the right to freedom of speech, then use your voice to speak out for those who do not.

What would you want to be doing if you were going to meet God today, then do it everyday.
NANDE77 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,244)
Posts: 327
5/17/10 2:18 P

I drink at least 8 oz of fat free milk per day.

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5/17/10 1:22 P

I eat a yogurt everyday to help with my Vitamin D and use nonfat milk in my coffee

LASHGAL SparkPoints: (26,734)
Fitness Minutes: (15,800)
Posts: 386
5/17/10 12:31 P

I drink nonfat milk.

You can also get your vitamin D from the sun :) Just leave legs and arms exposed in good sunlight (clear day, 12pm-4pm) for about 10-15 minutes! That's all you need to do...also vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin so it is stored for longer in the body than water-soluble vitamins (like C)

You might want to try reduced-fat cheese, ounce of part-skim mozzarella is about 75 calories; 1/4 cup of 2% mexican cheese is 80 calories...fewer calories than milk but you still get the calcium and protein :)

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BRENHIG1 Posts: 32
5/17/10 11:52 A

1% with cereal

LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
5/17/10 11:19 A

I don't think I understand the question. Milk with a meal is great. Skim or 1% isn't a huge amount of calories and low in fat [2% has twice as much fat as 1%--the "2%" name is very misleading]. I personally don't care for the taste of milk [or yogurt] and also have a bit of intolerance, so I get very little.

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KOEHNA Posts: 1,093
5/17/10 9:10 A


JETTSTAR999 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (24,370)
Posts: 601
5/17/10 8:47 A

I am not a milk drinker so I sometimes have cereal for lunch so I get my milk in - 1% or skim

JAMBUTTER SparkPoints: (66,274)
Fitness Minutes: (90)
Posts: 12
5/17/10 7:39 A

I love milk n have lowfat always.
There is no harm in that.

Love always.
NINJAGAL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,684)
Posts: 600
5/17/10 6:55 A

I drink 2% milk. I have it in cereal, I always drink milk with dinner and I use it in my protein drinks.

DOLPHIN_09 Posts: 87
5/17/10 6:46 A

so howq does everyone balance this???

SASKATIA Posts: 3,731
5/17/10 3:32 A

I drink a lot of milk, and Fat Free Milk is totally worth the calories.

KOKOAPONI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (23,220)
Posts: 566
5/17/10 1:54 A

I know what you mean and its okay to have a glass of milk with your meals. However, vitamin D and calcium work together for better absorption. It doesn't hurt to take calcium tabs and vitamin D tabs. You do have to count your milk calorie count.

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5/16/10 7:51 P

yes, yes, yes

DOLPHIN_09 Posts: 87
5/16/10 6:34 P

I'm having a hard time with this...Docs say that you need vitamin D and calcium for strong teeth and bones. I have a hard time counting the calories for something that a woman's body needs. I know...everything in moderation...but sometimes I'd rather have milk with a meal than I would water.

Any thoughts?

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