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ELISAJANE57 Posts: 745
8/2/12 8:29 A

Thanks. I hope they can add it in. I'm sure there are many runners and bikers out there who would find that convenient and useful. emoticon

Is it wrong to fight time, to turn it back or push it forward? Time was never mine.
SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 36,582
7/31/12 9:17 P

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll pass it along!

Coach Denise

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ELISAJANE57 Posts: 745
7/31/12 1:15 P

I love the website and the app and use them faithfully everyday. I do have a suggestion for the App. I like to run several times a week and I also have a mileage goal to reach every week. Would it be too much to ask to have a mileage tracker added to the Sparkpeople food and fitness tracker app? You can track workouts and of course you can guess how fast you were going for how long, but I like to track how many miles I have gone. In order to do this I have to go to the website to track whenever I run. I would be nice to just finish a run at the gym, grab my phone and track the miles right there, especially so I don't forget. I currently have a Galaxy S III phone, so I just want to make sure it will be compatible for android. Thanks for listening!

Is it wrong to fight time, to turn it back or push it forward? Time was never mine.
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