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6/6/12 10:53 P

i also get migraines. Im on preventative meds as well as meds to take at onset of the migraines. my neurologist has also had me take magnesium to help and i must say things have been better for me but the last few days i have been having them again also. hope things get better here soon.

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6/6/12 10:32 P

I am so sorry. I get those cluster migraines a couple of times a year and they are no fun. Nothing like having your life come to a halt for who knows how long. I had to stop taking preventative meds because of the side effects, but my neurologist has me taking certain vitamins which, believe it or not, have been more effective at preventing migraines than the prescription meds. Plus, when I get migraines now, they are not as severe. I take 250 mg Magnesium 2x/day, 250 mg Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 2x/day, and 300 mg Co Q-10 1x/day. You can find any of these vitamins at Target, Costco, or GNC.

Also, I developed Raynaud's disease this year and had to see the rheumatologist for testing to make sure I didn't have lupus or rheumatoid arthritis or anything like that. Fortunately my testing came back fine, but make sure you mention the migraines to the doctor. Mine wanted to prescribe a medication for me that opens up my blood vessels, but then that makes my migraines worse. Conversely, anytime I had to take Imitrex that made my Raynaud's worse. However, I chose treating my migraines over Raynaud's since I can't deal with the pain but could more easily deal with my fingers. Good luck. emoticon

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6/6/12 6:24 P

I feel for you, I have been there.

Hope your feeling better quickly.

6/6/12 2:34 P

I am drinking tons of water and am basically staying in a dark quiet room.

6/6/12 1:33 P

Are you drinking plenty of water?

I have a terrible time with migraines too. When those three-day-long migraines hit me, I take it easy, drink lots of water, avoid salt, watch my caffeine intake, and wait for it to blow over.

As long as you aren't eating cheeseburgers the whole time your resting, I'm sure it'll be okay. Don't push yourself too hard!

6/6/12 1:18 P

I have had a raging migraine for 3 days now and I can't get out of bed because it is so painful. I had a pain shot yesterday and am taking pain pills now. I feel horrible because I was exercising steadily and now it's all come to a halt. To top it off, I may have an autoimmune disorder and have to see a Rheumatologist. It's been a bad week.

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