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MISSRUTH Posts: 3,905
3/18/14 7:25 A

The recipe calls for one large potato, and it makes 4 servings. You could cook up all the chips in one large potato.... weigh all of those.... then divide by 4 and you'd have the weight for one serving. I do believe the Nutrition Tracker will give you measurements for a large potato.... search "potato, raw" and it should bring up dimensions, since "large" is rather vague.

DIANEK1957 Posts: 8
3/17/14 9:10 P

Does anyone know how many ounces are in a serving of the microwave potato chips? On Chef Meg's recipe it just says 10 chips per serving but I like to make up a big batch of chips and for me it would be better if I could weigh out the serving amount. Any ideas?

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