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2/22/12 10:22 P

I always get vegetarian fajitas. They're delicious and its just vegetables, spices, and tortillas

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2/22/12 8:31 P

I'm not sure what part of the country you live in, but if you have any authentic mexican restaurants around I recommend one of them instead of Tex-Mex. True mexican restaurants will have several more healthy options than a Tex-Mex place.

Anything "caldo" which is a giant soup is good. I love Caldo Tlalpe├▒o which is a broth based chicken soup with chickpeas, carrots and other veggies. You can add flavour to it by adding lime juice, pico de gallo, etc. Also you generally have more options to order a piece of meat (different kinds of steak with different salsas, chicken breasts, grilled shrimp etc.) Pozole (another type of soup) is also a good choice.

**Forgot to add Coctel de Camarones (shrimp coctail) which in a mexican restaurant is usually a fancy glass filled with chilled shrimp in a light tomato sauce with onions, cilantro and avocado. I love them!

Tex-Mex is pretty much all junk food except for fajitas.

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2/22/12 8:22 P

I eat a LOT of Mexican. I've been trying to eat healthier, though, so it's been challenging to find things that are lower in calories. One go-to: Avocado salad! There's some really good salads at mine.

Opt for chicken or seafood instead of beef.

Skip the rice, cheese dip, and fourteen pounds of chips. Salsa's REALLY healthy, but those tortilla chips are NOT! Count out your serving before you eat, and stick to them. Plan to eat say, 9 chips, and stop! Don't eat the whole basket.

If you like sour cream... don't. LOL. That stuff is a calorie bomb for sure!

Here's one article I found that's got a lot of great tips:

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2/22/12 8:11 P

I try to order things without the chips or tortillas. It's hard to do, but if you use salsa and pico, it can still be good.

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2/22/12 3:45 P

Sides can really add a lot of calories at Mexican restaurants. Also (like with so many other types of restaurants) portions can be too large.

I've seen the option of ordering a la carte on some menus. If this is available one or two tacos isn't a bad bet.

If you're getting side dishes choose black beans over refried. If something comes with beans and rice I'll ask if I can double up on beans instead... usually a little lower in calories.

Fajitas sans tortillas are a good option as well.

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2/22/12 2:44 P

I order the Fajitas as well. I usually eat the chicken and my husband usually eats the steak.

I load them up with tons of veggies and meat, and leave the sour cream and stuff off.

I usually only eat 2, and take the rest home for lunch the next day.

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2/22/12 2:39 P

If we do Mexican my husband and I do a mixed grill fajita. I eat the shrimp and share the chicken with him and he eats the steak. Then I'm REALLY careful about what I put on. I usually put a healthy portion of the meat (four or five shrimps or two or three strips of chicken) plus salsa to boost flavor and pico de gallo for some heat. I'll usually just put a pinch of cheese, but sometimes I don't even do this if the salsa where I am is good. Then I like to make sure some of the grilled veggies (onions and peppers) are in there. This makes a REALLY delicious meal for me. You can also do soft tacos-just make sure they don't add the sour cream and ask for the cheese on the side so you can administer it yourself. I add salsa to these as well. So tasty.

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
2/22/12 2:38 P

I usually get fajitas ...just be careful of portions. One order is usually enough to feed me for at least 3 more meals.

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2/22/12 2:35 P

"Al carbon" means grilled, so it could be a better choice than some. However, the portion size, toppings/sides, and the quantity of the ingredients are what you really need to look out for. Likewise, beef tends to be higher in calories than some other meat options like chicken, and the calorie/fat content depends on the cut. It's not something you have to avoid entirely, but if you want to have some chips, too, you might be better off opting for chicken.

A small corn tortilla topped with 3oz of grilled meat, lots of lettuce, fresh onion and pico de gallo, maybe a little guacamole...that's a pretty good choice. Two large flour tortillas stuffed to the gills with fatty meat, oil-cooked onions, cheese and sour cream, with fried chips and beans on the side...that's going to be a pretty huge calorie hit.

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2/22/12 2:26 P

What about getting fajitas and ordering corn tortillas rather than the flour ones? Corn tortillas are lower in calories and higher in fiber. Load 'em up with veggies and lean meat!

2/22/12 1:34 P

I love mexican food. My problem with going out is that I always want to eat everything in sight. I'm not always sure if what I'm ordering is going to be ok or greasy. One item in particular is Tacos El Carbon (if I spell anything wrong forgive me). Looks like a steak taco but am I missing something? Is it a calorie bomb? Any other food suggestions besides taco salad since I've done that way to many times? Thanks in advance

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