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8/20/11 5:17 A

A side note:
If you're taking fiber laxatives like Metamucil, you MUST drink plenty of water; otherwise things can get rather unpleasant at the other end as dry bulk attempts to find a way out.
If you know what I mean.

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8/2/11 10:08 P

The metamucil was too harsh for me. I swiched to citrucel sugar free. Much better and easier to drink.

7/29/11 8:42 P

How about making a smoothie for breakfast and adding it in there. Added bonus-if you use some strawberries and blueberries in your smoothie they're a great source of fiber too.

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7/29/11 3:19 P

I use Konsyl which is a powder that you have to mix with water. I prefer no flavor and I only use it when my fiber intake is too low. I try to make a pot of homemade bean soup or chili each week and have some for one of my meals. I will also add chia seeds to a lot of recipes to add extra fiber. Beware of some extra fiber products. I bought double fiber bread, and it was very thick and twice the calories of what I normally use. I would prefer to just have two slices of my regular bread.

PCSPEER Posts: 16,031
7/24/11 1:05 P

All the information has been so useful to me as I did not know much about fiber and metamucil. I just thought it was a laxative.

7/19/11 1:42 P

Any Fiber One bar will give you the additional fiber you need and boy will it make you "regular"!!

I just started using flaxseed and so far so good. I have a couple of the "to go" packages of Benefiber and put in my 20 oz bottle of water... it's orange tasting and pretty good.

Lots of good information on this thread.

6/30/11 12:59 P

Another flax seed user here.
I have burned out on the taste of ground seeds (tip: don't just eat a spoon and wash it down).
I'm hiding the taste in fruit smoothies.
I use a cup or two of berries, eight ounces of Good Belly probiotic (or juice, or green tea) a few scrapings of ginger root (keep in freezer, grate frozen--simple, no loss) and two tablespoons of the ground seeds.

I have used it over really wet cereal, like oatmeal or brown rice.
Boxed cold cereal with a milk? odd, but edible. not pleasant.
Flax needs to be eaten raw, but psyllium (metamucil) does not, so adding it to bran muffin batter, or even pizza dough could fly (unflavored, of course).

My ex MIL added hers to ice cream. This was her "diet."

SWEET_TEETH Posts: 820
9/4/10 12:35 P

Wow, I'm gooing to try that. Thanks for the heads up!

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
8/31/10 7:32 P

When I was a kid, my stepdad used to drink this stuff and he'd refuse to rinse the glass out after. It'd get set into the sink and left all day and then guess who had the task of scraping all the dried gunk out of the glass??? ME. Now, on a kinder and gentler note, the Fibersure stuff doesn't seem to do that and it doesn't have the sweet fake taste.

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8/31/10 7:06 P

I buy the Trader Joe's brand psyllium husk powder. It is plain, has no flavor and no sugar, etc. I mix it into a glass of crystal light, and it is delicious. And WAY cheaper than buying metamucil, etc.

ELIZSH Posts: 14
8/26/10 9:44 A

I have to lower my cholesterol. When I saw my summary from yesterday I did very well in all areas except cholesterol...I couldn't find the break down of cholesterol intake though. Is there a place this can be found?


8/19/10 5:58 P

Try mixing it in your oatmeal. I do that with my flaxseed and you barely taste it.

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JULABELL Posts: 27
8/19/10 1:57 P

I have lots of stomach issues and I use Heather's Tummy Fiberâ„¢ Acacia Senegal it has no taste and you can either be mixed in a drink or into your food while you are cooking. I love it!

LKB_717 Posts: 163
8/19/10 1:48 P

I add metamucil to my morning fruit smoothy, it adds a little orange flavor but doesn't change the texture.

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8/13/10 11:45 P

We DO need more fiber. I certainly do. I need to choose to take it more faithfully. It will most certainly help!


8/13/10 7:57 P

I also hate the sliminess. I drink it in a cup of water but the big difference in it not making me gag is to stir, drink immediately and drink in fast gulps. Even if you leave it sit for one minute the mixture thickens.

8/11/10 9:38 P

You may want to check out Shaklee's new fiber advantage bars, and cholesterol reduction complex.

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1/2/10 7:14 P

Fibersure is a great one! It has recently changed it's name to Metamucil Clear and Natural. It is made with inulin which is so much better for you. It is tasteless, odorless, and if you put it in water, you can barely taste it. Best part, 1 tsp gives you 5 grams of fiber! I put a tsp in my morning coffee. I've also put a tsp in yogurt, pancake batter, water....
Just make sure to mix it in well or can get lumpy.
Try to get most of your fiber from real food, but 2 tsps a day will give you 10 grams of fiber. emoticon

TARECO Posts: 56
12/29/09 4:47 P

Fibersure is also a good one--tasteless so you can mix it in anything. They recently merged with another company and changed their name so I'll have to check on that when I get home.

MICHELLEMATT98 Posts: 1,423
11/21/09 4:47 P

I use citrucel sugar free I feel that it gives my stomach less bloating and gas and taste much better.

SUPERSNAZZ Posts: 1,139
11/20/09 2:02 P

I add ground pysllium (this is what Metamucil is) in smoothies, baking, yogurt...don't feel that you are limited to adding it to beverages.

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11/12/09 11:23 A

Thanks for bringing up this topic DLICIOUSD. I've been wanting to add fiber to my diet and I've tried lots of things - except Metamucil. I think I will try the chewables or tablets!

LOSER-J Posts: 34
11/12/09 2:49 A

I love this stuff. I use the unflavored unsweetened. I add it to things (like see the beef post above) but mostly I mix it with carrot juice and drink it before I go to bed. I drink it fast before it gets puffy and slimy then drink some more liquid. Aside from the other salubrious effects already mentioned it make your poop come out clean and regularly.

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11/1/09 10:43 P

metamucil is such a good idea

10/31/09 4:02 P

I like to add the powder to my recipes for muffins, breads, meatloaf, etc. You cannot tell it is in there working for your health!


10/29/09 9:27 A

I bought the Benefiber clear and add it to my drinks. There is no taste and I sometimes add it to my oatmeal. I too have cholesterol problems, so this does help. I also use flaxseed in my oatmeal - I figure every little thing helps with the cholesterol???

Linda emoticon

DEMO_GIRL99 Posts: 22
10/28/09 4:30 P

You could always try having a Fiber One or Fiber Plus bar for breakfast or a snack. Fiber Plus are delicious and the Fiber One cereals are good as well!

GRAMMA123 Posts: 189
10/28/09 1:32 A

Every night, hubby and I each have two "cookies" with our final cup of decaf before we go to bed.

TOOFATPIA Posts: 534
10/27/09 1:25 P

I have 3 containers of powder to use before I get capsules emoticon

10/23/09 5:16 P

Has anyone tried the little chewable tablets you can get like at WalMart? I can't remember the name brand, but I've been curious to try the chewables, as I don't want to have to swallow a pill. Also, is any brand less expensive than the other? They all seem rather pricey when I've looked in the past.

PSKB123 Posts: 5
10/20/09 12:06 P

Hi, New to this site, but I love it! I also take Metamucil, but only the capsules. So easy! Dose is 9 capsules a day, so I take 3 with each meal. It's so much habit now that I don't even have to think. Great for taming cholestrol and good for bowels also.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,038
10/18/09 12:19 A

I take a Psyllium Husk brand that has no "sugar" added so 4 teaspoons is 15 calories each (60 calories) total and then I mix it with 12 oz. can of no-fat chicken broth for 20 extra calories. I put 2 tsp. and mix it with 6 ounces of the broth and drink it down. Then to the other 2 tsp. and six ounces. That is 80 calories total but worth the fiber. I really don't have to have that much fiber as 28 grams is what the total days fiber is suppose to be, but I do it so I get that plus what I have in my diet.
I can't down the psyillium husk with plain water as it is TOO gross.
I haven't tried mixing it in with yogurt or anything because it swells up too much.

DLICIOUSD SparkPoints: (0)
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10/8/09 8:12 P

The only problem is they dont sell these where I live only the powder. So I am trying to find a way to make the most of it

AJCOELHO SparkPoints: (26,164)
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10/8/09 8:02 P

I had to take Metamucil for a stomach problem. I hated the taste and then I found Metamucil capsules that were perfect.

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10/7/09 7:35 P

I take metamucil too. I take mine right after I eat supper. I use the orange flavor. I have also eaten the metamucil cookies. They are ok.

I just mix mine in one cup water, mix and drink fast. I guess I'm used to it now. If I miss a day or 2 I can really feel it!! Good luck! Lyn

2UNHEALTHY Posts: 2,231
10/7/09 11:11 A

BeneFibre On-The-Go Stick Packs are advertised here in Canada. Appearently they do not get thick, they have no flavor and can easily be added to any food or drink. They do also have a Strawberry Lemonade flavored one. I have not tried these but just giving you the info. They are around $10 Canadian for 20 sticks.

DLICIOUSD SparkPoints: (0)
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10/7/09 10:29 A

Hi there

The Doctor told me that I need more fiber in my diet and suggested that I take metamucil to get more fiber in my diet. Since I've started taking it I realised that my cholesterol is much better and it also helps me loose weight faster which I love but I hate the slimy taste of it so I was wondering if anyone ever tried any breakfast recipes using metamucil... Can I put some on my cerial in the morning? Do you think that would work? I would really like to keep this as a part of my diet as it has helped me so much - Any suggestions anyone... Please?

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