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2/18/13 3:19 P

emoticon That's awesome!! You made yourself a goal and you achieved it. I am doing the same thing...breaking it down into monthly goals, instead of just the one big one that seems so far away. This seems to help me with my motivation because its not so far down the road. Keep up the great work.

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2/17/13 1:56 P


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2/17/13 1:14 P

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Breaking it down into small segments like 28 or 30 days at a time is SO much easier (in my opinion) of reaching goals. It can be really intimidating to commit to a 90-day program and see that huge chunk of time. 28 days is a much easier/mentally manageable amount of time!

Keep up the awesome work though and you have a great community here to encourage you in your "weak moments!"

2/17/13 12:00 P

Today marks 28 days behind me. I promised myself that I would commit to 28 days of eating better. What I have learned is that it wasn't as hard as I thought. What is different from any time before? Not sure. But I will now commit to the next 28 days. So far down about 9 pounds. There have been a few weak moments but difference this time is that when I fell off the wagon, I would jump right back on instead of blowing the whole day. I am still having some pain in the major joints limiting exercise. Hoping as the weight comes off, it will ease up some. What I know is that I want it to be for good this time.

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