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7/25/13 12:12 P

I have no idea if the naturally nice is plain or not. I was just making an assumption. it could be vanilla, who knows!

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7/25/13 11:59 A

@NHELENE- Good idea with the extra fruit. That was my biggest concern with grabbing far less than the others. I had the thought to put myself in the back of my line so most started eating before me as well. This'll also stop the looks that I sometimes get when getting something small.

LGREGG07- Lot of places set up like this, so I'm assuming sweet frog is of the same mold. the naturally nice is just plain yogurt frozen? I was thinking it was vanilla. I wouldn't have a problem grabbing that and throwing berries in. I eat plain Greek yogurt easy enough.

WADINGMOOSE- And I'll definitely be on the lookout for sugar free signs in the store. Thanks for the tips everyone! This isn't the worst place to go for an outing, but I got what I was looking for with a couple extra strategies. If my sweet tooth does kick in, I'll get a flavored variety and stick with the serving size as best I can. Don't want to deprive myself if I want a bit in the moment, but many times I just don't even tho I try to save all of my cheat treats for social settings like this.

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7/25/13 10:09 A

Also, these are the flavors at the place I go to
and none of them specifically SAY sugar free, but several of them are so take a look at all the flavor cards when you get there and you might be surprised.

All of the tart ones in the link above, as well as mint, mocha nut, a pina colada and several of the sorbets are.

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7/25/13 10:06 A

The place I go (Menchies) usually has about 6 sugar free flavors and one is plain. They're all about 55 cal/serving, but it's hard to estimate a 1/2c serving in those giant bowls!

+ nuts, coconut and fruit.

We used to go to the gelato place in town (that also had sugar free) and now we've switched to the frozen yogurt place - it is good stuff.

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7/25/13 9:14 A

I happen to LOVE frozen yogurt too! But when I go I make sure that I get the plain flavor and top it with fresh fruit pieces and nuts. I would also get the smallest cup size and only fill it about 1/4 to 1/2 of the way with yogurt because often times the small cups are actually really big!

This place looks similar to sweet frog (which is where i go for my frozen yogurt), so if it were me, I would get: naturally nice (i'm assuming that's plain) with almonds, strawberries, and kiwi. But obviously you can get whatever fruit/nut combination you want!

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7/25/13 9:10 A

I think you've got the right idea. Before you put the ice cream in your bowl, really envision the size of a standard ice cream scoop, or whatever you want your serving size to be. Then get a bit more fresh fruit toppings than you think you need, so you won't be sitting there with an empty bowl while everyone else finishes their jumbo-sized piles of dessert.

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7/25/13 9:01 A

So, girl on my bar league volley ball team is obssed with frozen yogurt places haha. So we're headed to one before our very late game tonight.

They brag about being lowfat and healthy when it's all loaded with sugar which is a serious pet peave of mine. Anyway, they don't have nutritional info yet and it doesn't seem they have any sugar free flavors (which would be appreciated as an option) so any strategies at a place like this where you build your own and add your own topping?

Seems like just a place of being careful with portion control when dispensing the yogurt into an over sized bowl, to get you to pay for more, and then adding some blueberries as toppings instead of syrup or candy chunks.

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