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Check out the menus they have for you here: You may want to follow them, or just read through them to give you ideas.

I end up eating at work a LOT. I bring things like: a big bowl of cut up veggies, yogurt, soup, meat and cheese roll ups, fruit, and reduced fat cheese sticks. I also do a lot of leftovers.

At home, the kitchen is your best friend. Stock your fridge with fresh, healthy food. Don't force yourself to eat anything you don't like, but try all sorts of new things. It's amazing what foods are out there I thought I wouldn't like or never knew existed. Weigh and measure everything at first so you know exactly what you're getting and track everything with your food tracker so you have a good record. Plan your meals: To start out with pick a protein: let's say 3 oz of chicken breast (maybe cook that with tomato and onion). Next pick a starch: let's say rice ( now add all sorts of chopped veggies so that your 1/2 cup of rice is now 1 1/2 or 2 cups of food). Now add a Veggie (not spinach!) or a side salad. There are tons of great soups and casseroles too, but it's easier to start by visualizing everything apart.

Cruise the recipes here: there are So many great ones!

Have fun and eat well!

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Okay so most of you know i want to start eating healthy and loose a little weight. I work almost everyday (even weekends).. I work at a supermarket called ShopRite. I buy those small sodas at my workplace before my shift starts... and stuff.. I was wondering for like when i do my shopping what stuff i should buy so i can make it at home and bring it to work for lunch.. I need something small like a sandwich... But i also want to know what i can eat for breakfast at home.. I usually start work around 12pm..... so i leave home around 11am ish.... What should i do?? Menu plans? Also when i get home what should i make for dinner? I dont like spinach by the way... I would to start my new diet and stuff next Sunday or Monday Morning...

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