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1/10/13 10:55 P

Thank you all so much!! I am going shopping tomorrow with all your ideas and online Spark recipes!! emoticon


SARAHF1988 Posts: 603
1/10/13 11:45 A

Something that I eat a lot of is spaghetti bolognese, mainly because my bf asbolutely loves it. You can make most meals healthier just by learning to cook differently and having slightly smaller portions but I agree with everyone else, have a look at sparkrecipes, there's some great ideas on there. It might even give you some ideas on how you can cook other recipes in a healthier way.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
1/10/13 8:28 A

OMG! You have to go to!!! There are some AMAZING things on there that both you and your family will tear up and be glad to have leftovers.

LILITHIA Posts: 28
1/10/13 2:58 A

They this, Omelets, you can use egg substitute, or egg whites, find lean ground beef, low fat cheese, and get yourself some veggies, that you love. Make yourself an omelet using however many eggs you'd like. Pair that with one of your favorite fruits, and some yogurt or cottage cheese. Have some milk, or even tea ( something in the herbal area).

Remember that with tea you can find some that will help you loss weight and that is a good thing.

I hope this helped, and sounds good to you. Before you cook it and eat it, plan it out completely in the sparksrecipe calculator, doing the omelet individually from the fruit and cottage cheese. This way you can get the right proportions needed to give you the calorie count you need. While helping you see where best to cut the fat if needed.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
1/10/13 1:44 A

I'm at a sourdough bread craze atm! I buy a loaf, some lettuce, and some back bacon (less fatty than streaky) or smoked turkey breast.

Then I make sandwiches for days! I love eating these sandwiches because they're light (and I mean literally). I have to watch my weight like a hawk because I'm on dialysis.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,275)
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1/9/13 11:02 P

You can find a ton of great recipes at SparkRecipes! Right now my personal favorite is butternut squash mac and cheese...I make it at least once a week. So yummy

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1/9/13 10:38 P

Hi BABS! Welcome to SP!

I struggled with this too. I find that spices and condiments are a flavor savor! Example: Instead of baked chicken and cauliflower, I sear the chicken, put it on a piece of foil, top it with salsa and LF cheese, fold the foil around it to make a packet and bake until done! It was delicious paired with cheesy cauliflower.

After I tried that, I decided that I was just going to think of things that would go well together and create something a little out of the "bland box". Another thing you could try is There are so many different options there! I definitely suggest browsing the site!

I hope that helps a bit emoticon

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BABSG2013 SparkPoints: (1,534)
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1/9/13 9:37 P

Hello! I am happy to be hear and loving this website! I do need help with Menu ideas though as I am a former WWatcher and used to points and getting used to counting calories is working but I am bored with what I am doing just chicken this and chicken that and humus and carrots emoticon !

Would love any help with what your eating and enjoying! PS...I love to cook and bake emoticon
Thank you...

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