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5/20/13 12:29 P

Good on ya! Don't you love when stuff like that happen?

5/20/13 10:13 A

I've been following the menu plan in the Spark Solution book this week ... with a few modifications. They really pack in the vegetables which is awesome. It also means I get to eat a lot more food since those vegetables are not very high in calories. The other day an interesting thing happened. I was eating my planned lunch and I realized I was full before I finished eating my lunch. What??? Aren't I usually feeling hungry when I watch what I eat?

Well, I wrapped up the rest of my lunch and put it in the refrigerator for later. Then when I was fixing dinner and that old habit of wanting to munch while I cooked dinner tried to tempt me, I got out my lunch leftovers to keep me satisfied. No reaching for those convenient items that are a nutrition nightmare. No wrecking my eating plan without thinking. I felt so empowered. I can do this! Thanks Spark People for another awesome resource!

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