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BOOKWORM27S SparkPoints: (131,905)
Fitness Minutes: (63,497)
Posts: 10,962
5/2/12 12:00 P

1. Coffee!
2. Weight loss!
3. Staying in control of my calories!

Give up everything you love, and everything that tastes good = weight loss! Simple as that!

"Eating what stands on one leg (mushrooms and plant foods) is better than eating what stands on two legs (fowl), which is better than eating what stands on four legs (cows, pigs, and other mammals)"....... Chinese proverb
"Food is not love, comfort, or an anxiety pill."

5/2/12 11:50 A

1. Running my fastest mile ever! (9:45 woot!)
2. My kitten, even if she's being a pain in the neck right now
3. Reading a great book.

NMWERNER SparkPoints: (1,590)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 399
5/2/12 11:43 A

1. sunshine (what does it look like again?)
2. Walt Disney World vacations
3. My family (hubby included)

PURECOUNTRY29 Posts: 866
5/2/12 11:38 A

1) my family

2) My home

3) My job

2FEATHER Posts: 600
5/2/12 11:24 A

1. Being able to care for myself.
2. Skyping with my brother
3. Good health

DIETER27 Posts: 7,012
5/2/12 11:24 A

1. My Faith In gOd
2. My husband and 2 boy's
3. My close circle of friends
4. My Spark friends

ILMEL1957 Posts: 2,490
5/2/12 11:08 A

1. My faith in God.
2. My family. (husband,kids,grandkids)
3. My cat,Chloe


SWEETTOOTH712 SparkPoints: (19,530)
Fitness Minutes: (16,479)
Posts: 669
5/2/12 10:00 A

* My children
* My grandchildren
* My husband

Not necessarily in that order, but they all make me equally happy.


You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.
RIEUADMIRER SparkPoints: (78,933)
Fitness Minutes: (63)
Posts: 1,587
5/2/12 10:00 A

1) Listening to a Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss dvd
2) Being with my husband
3) Going to the National Gallery in London and looking at the paintings

DOTTY7267 Posts: 2,509
5/2/12 9:44 A

-A good body scrub and pedicure
-Laughing with my children
-My god-daughter


"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." ~T.S. Eliot

NYTRINK Posts: 18
5/2/12 9:33 A

* Helping others learn and grow
* Spending time with my family and friends
* Treating my body with care and respect for the whole day


5/2/12 8:10 A

1. Walking with God (Reading a portion from the Bible each morning, and listening and praying to hear Him speak to me, and praying or talking with Him about what He said to me.)

2. Helping someone to have a happy day.

3. Spending time with my grandson.

The LORD is my Shepherd;
I shall not want. Psalm 23:1
CRINKLYMONKEY SparkPoints: (4,750)
Fitness Minutes: (3,646)
Posts: 155
5/2/12 7:53 A

My man, saw on someone's blog new quote "Sweat is fat crying" LOL, and losing 6lbs this week

RSB_84 SparkPoints: (4,815)
Fitness Minutes: (2,642)
Posts: 112
5/2/12 7:46 A

My man, music and cheese!

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (30,454)
Fitness Minutes: (16,011)
Posts: 1,078
5/2/12 7:09 A

1. A cloudless sunny day
2. Country music
3. My close circle of friends

ODIEJO2 Posts: 1,179
5/2/12 5:35 A

my children, my dog and my health

You can accomplish anything you set your mind too. Put one foot in front of the other and go for it.
KATHYGOULDSMITH SparkPoints: (7,801)
Fitness Minutes: (4,368)
Posts: 358
5/2/12 4:13 A

My family, my friends and ice cream.

More Power To Ya!!
Kathy :)

"The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight! That's because by then your body and your fat are really good friends."-Author Unknown

"I bought a talking refridgerator that said "oink" every time I opened the door. It only made me hungry for pork chops"-Marie Mott
5/2/12 4:00 A

~My family

~My Cats

~My Spark teams... specifically this one:

Put this URL into your address bar and join our team, "3 Things I am Thankful for Today" to track your daily gratitude list.

Those hopeful of better days are less inclined
to risk today on momentary gratification ~Herbert Gans

The disciplined mature individual does not act simply to gratify the feelings and impulses of the moment. She sees long range objectives. Lasting happiness comes not from indulgences driven by current sensations but from the achievement of ultimate goals.

Join our team, "3 Things I am Thankful for Today"

ELLEKTRA Posts: 2,911
5/2/12 3:13 A

OLDOLGA Posts: 191
5/2/12 3:08 A

-playing with my dog Sadie
-seeing my husband smile
-just looking at my grandson

MOOKMAMA Posts: 629
5/1/12 11:50 P

Reading a good book, baking something, and planting flowers.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." -- Aristotle
PROGRESSFORWARD SparkPoints: (85,717)
Fitness Minutes: (41,958)
Posts: 3,265
5/1/12 10:23 P

things don't make me happy, but people I love do

JEFFGIRL Posts: 8,164
5/1/12 8:09 P

My grandkids, my kids and my Nook.

SWEETSUGAR7 Posts: 2,450
5/1/12 7:29 P

Sleep, Time off and site seeing something new

Love, Live, Life, Enjoy, True, Happiness, #1
IRMAE1 SparkPoints: (1,821)
Fitness Minutes: (591)
Posts: 10
5/1/12 7:23 P

My family my dog and my phantom husband! we go again!
SWALLIS7 Posts: 257
5/1/12 6:32 P

My husband, my grandkids, and sunshine.

Live each day to the fullest, and take time to enjoy the simple things in life!
ANNEV2012 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,854)
Posts: 974
5/1/12 6:09 P

My hubby, my kids and my granddaughter

4/15/12 Platte River half marathon - Done
5/4/12 Greenland 50K - Done
7/29/12 Loveland Little Sprint Triathlon - Done
9/3/12 (54th birthday) - American Discovery Trail marathon
11/4/12 NYC marathon
12/1/12 Rock Canyon Half marathon

5/1/12 6:09 P

Myself; The efforts I make to improve myself and the good sense to know where "That Line" is. Happy Times!

PAMELA2379 Posts: 520
5/1/12 5:13 P

Jesus, my husband, my kids...well my kids most of the time,lol emoticon

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
5/1/12 5:12 P

My husband, son and garden! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Starting to like the new me!
Waiting for my garden to come to life!
TACDGB Posts: 6,136
5/1/12 4:46 P

Jesus my good physical health and Dennis.........

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (210,260)
Fitness Minutes: (193,970)
Posts: 4,378
5/1/12 3:45 P

My mother, my husband, and enough money to survive day to day. I don't remember really "happy." Just struggling to make it one day at a time. When you have NO money - NO resources, and nowhere to turn for help, happy is a challenge. I never knew just surviving could be so excruciating every day.

�Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you�
(Matthew 7:7, NLT)
PINK_GRAY Posts: 349
5/1/12 1:42 P

Jesus, my kids, psychology textbooks :) emoticon

KATIEKELEHAR SparkPoints: (1,095)
Fitness Minutes: (549)
Posts: 100
5/1/12 1:39 P

My son, husband, and our good health :)

LAURIEANNIE1 Posts: 2,203
5/1/12 1:37 P

Seeing a:

Indigo Bunting this morning.

SUZZQ4LIFE SparkPoints: (33,692)
Fitness Minutes: (14,742)
Posts: 1,232
5/1/12 1:35 P

spending time outside with nature, reading a good book, my grandchildren

LINDYLOO49 Posts: 546
5/1/12 1:34 P

God, family and my friends

BENSBBYGRL08 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45)
Posts: 7
5/1/12 1:28 P

Boyfriend, coffee, sleep

5/1/12 12:57 P

Husband, Kids, Life

DALLASGIRL99 SparkPoints: (4,075)
Fitness Minutes: (1,765)
Posts: 88
5/1/12 12:39 P

Family, Sunshine, Music

"Take charge of your attitude--don't let someone else choose it for you."
TSINCLAIR1965 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,782)
Posts: 452
5/1/12 12:35 P

my daughter, my nephews, and my daughter again

Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest...It's about who came and never left you side...I have some really fabulous friends!
SNOWKAT Posts: 378
5/1/12 12:32 P

flowers emoticon
sleep emoticon
exercise emoticon

BEY220 Posts: 5,007
5/1/12 12:25 P

My boyfriend, family and having a job.

TLAUER1 Posts: 1,701
5/1/12 12:15 P

animals esp my cat
family and friends

NIKASTRO1 Posts: 6
5/1/12 11:25 A

My husband
My friends
and time to myself. (I stole this one from the girl who posted before me. Couldn't agree more!)


KRMFREEONE Posts: 1,005
5/1/12 11:21 A

My child, my husband, and my time to myself

"Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?"
MOBIUS31 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,902)
Posts: 223
5/1/12 10:48 A

1. Spending quiet time in nature;
2. Spending time with family/friends;
3. Animals.

DARRLENE13 SparkPoints: (104,825)
Fitness Minutes: (128,261)
Posts: 4,094
5/1/12 9:52 A

1) Animals---I love them
2) Family
3) Movies and books

Number of nights without eating
5/1/12 7:00 A

My family
My fianc
Books (I love to read!)

I need all the support and motivation that I can get!
AYATULLAHH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (240)
Posts: 6
5/1/12 6:37 A

I always remind myself of things that make me happy to overcome any low feelings and to remember that life is so good if we want to see it that way:)

1- Playing/talking with kids under 5 years old
2- Finishing my housework (no more dishes to clean :)
3- Talking to an old friend and bringing back memories

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