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I gained 40# the winter after I had my hysterectomy at 48, because I was so cold all the time, so menopause can be difficult. At my worst weight six years ago, I was 214#, so I found Sparks. I hated being so fat, and my back just killed me, so it is worth working at getting the weight off. You will always have to deal with having cookies around. My husband has never gained weight in his life and takes the highest dose of synthroid for his thyroid, and still stays slim, so I always have a kitchen with cookies, donuts, etc. You just have to get yourself off the sugar, otherwise you deal with the cravings. Processed food is full of chemicals that make us crave it, so we buy more. Listen to the BBC Documentary on YouTube called "THE MEN WHO MADE US FAT." It is so interesting.

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Hello there!
I'm excited to start this journey with all of you. (Well, "excited" might be a strong word -- I love to eat!) I'm 54 years old and always prided myself in being fit. As the years have gone by, my weight has steadily increased, and now I have a belly and am having trouble losing weight and staying motivated. I love clothes and I love to shop, but now, I weigh 258 lbs. I just started the mediterranean diet and have lost 6 lbs. I know it's possible, but boy is it hard!! I work in an office where there's an "event" every day. I was doing great today... until the double-chocolate cookies made an appearance! UGH!! No will power!!
I think that the daily food log will help, and I'm consciously trying not to eat after supper... wine is my only indulgence! This is a new experience working online, so I'm anxious to hear from you!



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