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I haven't read the book either, but Unident's answer makes sense to me. It would also be something like, having bread with pasta (or rice). Or oatmeal with a slice of toast. It seems to be a suggestion to choose one starchy thing per mini-meal, and not two.

I reckon you could take your calorie range for the day and divide it by the number of mini-meals you're fixin' to eat, and then choose food items for each meal that provide carbs, fat, protein in relatively equal "chunks" for each meal. If you're going to eat corn, for example, you'd skip any bread or rice or potatoes or pasta. If you've got a salad with chopped grilled chicken in your mini-meal, you could have one slice of bread or some crackers. If you're having grilled fish with 1/2 cup rice, you'd choose steamed broccoli (Or green beans) for your veg.

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5/10/12 3:16 P

Haven't read it, don't know, but I would assume that's like having meat, potatoes, and corn & peas. Corn and peas are both starchy vegetables and also count as a carb serving, so while you think you're getting meat, carb and 2 veg, what you're actually getting is meat, carb and carb.

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If anyone has read and implemented some of the principles in "Menopause Reset", I have a question for you. The author talks about eating mini meals throughout the day, and not double carbing. Does anyone know what double carbing means? Is there a range for carb intake per 'mini' meal?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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