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MYODIE Posts: 332
1/5/09 1:00 A

Since my sucess was less than perfect, I'll try this next, thank you. I have thought of getting a fondue pot and trying that.

1/4/09 12:46 P

I realize this is a little late but you can use this for future chocolate dipping. Put your chocolate (weather it's choc chips, melting pieces or a candy bar--doesn't really matter) into a mini crock-pot (the kind you would put a hot chip-dip in) That's it. Stir it till smooth and dip away. Choc stays melted. The best part is you can add more choc as needed. I wouldn't recommend microwaving--you can burn the choc and it heats unevenly. Double boiler is a pain and time consuming.

MYODIE Posts: 332
12/21/08 12:57 A

I wonder how many of us have melted the candy bar in the car? Guess it makes us think, for as long as it takes to firm up, just how bad we really wanted it. I usually eat it anyway!

NVSHEILA Posts: 900
12/18/08 11:35 P

Try preheating your oven to the lowest temperature. Turn off the heat and put the chocolate chips in an oven safe bowl in the cooling oven. Let them just sit in there until they're melted (like the Hershey bar on my dashboard. lol)

If you let your chocolate get too hot the cocoa butter separates and makes little white lines in it. It tastes the same, but doesn't look as pretty.

If you're using the microwave, try putting it on 50% power so it heats then rests for a few seconds in between. Don't let it get too hot or it will actually cook. Stir, stir, stir. Even if you think it doesn't need it yet. Move the chocolate around to a different area of the bowl to prevent hot spots.

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12/18/08 4:26 A

one of the original recipes i had for chcolate covered strawberries years and years ago- used crisco in with te chocolate.. the rationale behind it -I believe - was that when the chocolate set -it was a little smoother chocolate and shinier...

over the years I ditched that and just used the chcolate. - the end result is crisper (for lack of a better word) chocolate that has more of a bite to it on the berries..

it dont think it changes how it melts, it's more persnal preference on mouth feel

MYODIE Posts: 332
12/18/08 3:12 A

Thanks for the link. I wondered if something needed to be added.It says never add butter or oleo, that might have been one mistakes. Hopefully this will be a better year, I like making candy for gifts.

ZERNIKE SparkPoints: (17,737)
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12/17/08 3:28 P

The trick is to add a bit of shortening to each batch of chocolate. Here is a great link:

PROHANDS Posts: 121
12/16/08 5:48 P

i have melted in both microwave & double boiler.
for microwave: 30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds, stir until they just begin to look shiny. Stir, stir, stir.

with over the water - make sure you dont get water in the choclate or it can sieze. chocolate melts at fairly low temps - its the steam you want to cause to melt the chips, not the water itself. go slow and they will melt. Less heat is better.

MYODIE Posts: 332
12/15/08 1:56 A

I think I'll try both the chips and the melting chocolate. With the advice here, I might just have better luck this season! Thanks

HORSEMANIA SparkPoints: (13,370)
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12/14/08 5:29 P

I have never had any luck at all in melting chocolate chips. I always buy melting chocolate melts in the microwave nicely. Maybe try that?

MYODIE Posts: 332
12/14/08 4:30 A

I do have a micro, but really only use it to heat tea or hot chocolate. My husband cooks baked(?) potato's in it, can't say I like them much, but as long as he is cooking, I'm good!

MALEFICENT1964 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2,961
12/14/08 2:33 A

I don't own a microwave... so i get no practice -the past few times I've tried melting chocolate in a microwave it ended up scorching and siezing...

the bowl over the water acting as a double boiler is the easiest way to go - you really can't ruin it that way -if the bowl is touching the water - as long as it's not a rolling boil -it really doesn't matter all that much.. just make sure it's a bowl that can take the heat.

MYODIE Posts: 332
12/14/08 1:48 A

Thanks everyone...I think one of my problems is letting the melting bowl sit down in the water. I've tried the micro, but just seem to get a clump. I used to do this all the time, but seem to have lost my touch!

12/13/08 8:42 A

I always melt mine in the microwave !
Use a glass bowl, pour in your chocolate chips and zap for 1 minute. Stir. Repeat ( zap for 1 minute ) stir again.
Repeat the process until all is melted and shiny.

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12/13/08 7:45 A

They can also be melted in the microwave but I dont know how long it takes, I never use mine!

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12/13/08 5:53 A


To melt chocolate chips, that I'd use to dip strawberries in..

Bring a pot of water to a simmer - maybe 2 inches of water in the pot.
Place a bowl over the pot -so that the bowl doesn't touch the water but will get hot
Add the chocolate chips to the bowl
plus any other flavorings... cinnamon, nuts, almond or other extracts...
and stir until melted...

then dip.. and let whatever you're dipping set on wax paper

MYODIE Posts: 332
12/13/08 12:07 A

Any new ideas for melting chocolate chips without using wax? Thanks, Peggy emoticon

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