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LEANGIRL66 Posts: 13
6/13/13 7:37 P

I have no intentions of replacing olive or canola oil. They are the only 2 oils I use for cooking, mostly olive oil. I just saw this in a organic '. market and it sounded different and I decided to try it. I was just not sure of the oils in this. It has a nice flavor and melts quickly . I am not sure if I will buy it again. emoticon

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
6/13/13 2:46 P

It's basically the same as things like "Mooove Over Butter" and other non-hydrogenated spreads. It's less harmful than old-fashioned stick margarine and probably no worse than butter. Right now, though, there's not enough evidence on tropical oils to support the idea that they're better than other saturated fats. It's all based on the fact that some people who live in cultures that eat lots of coconut or palm oil don't have as many heart attacks as you would expect. But people who traditionally eat those oils also eat lots of fish and fruit, and they live in beautiful tropical places with a lot less stress than most of us deal with. There is research going on right now to find out whether the rest of their lifestyle explains the whole difference in their heart health. Regardless of that, just eating this spread probably isn't going to affect your health in any noticeable way for good or bad. If you like it and it's not a strain on your budget, use it to replace butter, but it's definitely not wise to use it in place of healthier fats like olive oil.

6/13/13 2:30 P

Fat storage occurs when more calories are consumed then burned. THis could be calories from any food, including this spread. So to state that it is not stored as fat is inaccurate and misleading information by the company. guidelines suggest no more than 10% of one's fat come from saturated fat sources---so to include coconut oil and palm oil (both high in saturated fat) in a spread would not be meeting this general nutrition guideline.


LEANGIRL66 Posts: 13
6/13/13 1:07 P

It is a organic buttery spread that is made from "good fats" It is a source of MCFA's. . It says it is good fats that you burn as energy not stored as fat. It is a blend of organic virgin coconut palm fruit oil, organic canola oil,Hi Oleic Sunflower oil, organic flaxseed oil,organic unsalted butter. It can be used as butter spread and in cooking and baking. How would this effect cholesterol?

6/13/13 12:45 P

What health properties is it supposed to provide???

I am thinking this is probably a scam. It could not find it when doing a search.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

LEANGIRL66 Posts: 13
6/13/13 12:38 P

Has anyone tried the product MELT. It says it is healthy. It is made from coconut and palm fruit oil. Is there a difference between palm fruit and palm oil. Is this product as healthy as it says it is?

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