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10/8/12 7:55 P

I'm always good w/ the fat (usually stay on the low to middle), carbs (always on the low end), and protein (mid to high). I'm now working on fiber and calcium. Fiber is getting there, I've had more days in the 20s this past week than I did before... but getting over that 25 is rough :) Calcium is hard for me too unless I'm eating a lot of cheese. I'm thinking if I can't make it happen soon I'll have to start doing supplements.

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10/8/12 7:35 P

I generally do, but have a small problem meeting protein goal as I am allergic to dairy and eggs. emoticon

MOTOMAMA Posts: 2,010
10/8/12 7:33 A

I do pretty well with this

KKKAREN Posts: 12,223
10/8/12 7:29 A

yes with the exception of fiber, I have to work to get that one up.

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
10/8/12 6:11 A

Every day!

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10/8/12 6:11 A


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10/8/12 6:09 A

I try to. Being a vegetarian, I sometimes have to work at getting my protein in for the day. Lately I have been adding protein powder to oatmeal,smoothies ect.


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10/8/12 4:35 A


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10/8/12 4:33 A

Generally yes.

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