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8/16/13 8:09 A

sometimes i forget how powerful meditating is. Calming myself is the first step of being able to focus; thanks for the reminder.

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8/16/13 12:33 A

I'm not a great meditator, but I can usually sit still for 10 minutes each day in a simple practice:
"just close your eyes and watch your thoughts play like children."
Seriously, that's all I do, and it really calms me down and makes me feel better!
I started trying this idea of meditating when I have a craving for junk food, and it really helps me a lot. Then I drink tons of water afterwards to help flush myself out - I think that helps too!

PBPHILLIPS62 SparkPoints: (7,613)
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11/6/12 8:04 A

WII fit has a meditation exercise! try it; it's hard to sit still for 3 minutes.

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11/6/12 8:02 A

That's the idea...!

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11/6/12 7:35 A

What a great idea! I meditate twice daily now but never thought of doing so when I want to raid the fridge.

Great tip, thanks for sharing!

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11/6/12 7:30 A

My dear yoga teacher put a note on her website saying, when you feel cravings, you are craving meditation. How great an idea is that? It so works! Instead of rooting through the fridge or watching TV to settle feelings of ... who knows what... take a moment to meditate and breathe instead. It completely relocates things.

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