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3/5/12 12:57 P

I'm sending back the few packages I haven't opened and exchanging the ones I did open for the shakes. I figure I could use one of the medifast shakes everyday to help me get my protein in. I already paid for it so I might as well find some use to it. But I totally agree that it's a quick fix and I would honestly rather be overweight than eat that disgusting food. Plus I passed out's just not enough calories. I'm back to tracking on spark people. I agree that the food cannot be good for you in the long run. Each package has over 40 ingredients and I can't pronounce any of them. Plus, I think you should be weary of any program that doesn't allow fruit. I believe that if you eat healthy and in moderation your body will go to a natural healthy weight for you. So that's my goal right now. =)

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
3/5/12 12:38 P

Look around SP. Read the articles. In my experience, the quick fixes are just that, quick fixes. They're not long term changes. I've lost 20 pounds pretty quickly before, only to gain it, and more, back because I couldn't maintain the way I lost it. It took me about 8 months to lose 45 pounds. I've been battling going back to old habits and the last 5 for about 2 months now. Keeping my old habits at bay is sometimes hard, but always easier for me to come back from, now that I have a good, solid foundation of healthy habits. I'm never lost this much before, and I always usually fail at about the 2 week, then 2 month mark. Not this time! Realizing that the journey would be slow, and that I am making lifelong changes has really helped me keep focus. If you can't maintain Medifast, don't do it.

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3/5/12 11:57 A

IMO, I'd send it back.

That stuff if loaded with soy and other stuff we shouldn't overload on. We weren't designed to eat out of packages.

Everyone I know who has done Medifast HAS lost a lot of weight, and then GAINED BACK EVEN MORE (and it's no fun sharing office space with someone who eats too much soy, ahem emoticon ).

I love SparkPeople because I have the POWER over everything I choose to ingest. No foods are off-limits, just as portions should not be "limit-less."


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3/4/12 3:07 P

So I bought 2 weeks of Medifast meals and the food is soooo disgusting I'm thinking about sending what I can back and going back to Spark People. I feel like a failure but this food is beyond gross. I don't even think a dog would eat it. Has anybody else tried Medifast? It's quick weight loss but I want to have another baby and I'm worried about dropping weight real quick and then still not knowing how to eat right and gaining it all back.

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