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SMILES_CAN_DO Posts: 488
4/29/13 7:37 P

My final thoughts on this is we all know what we have to do to get there, but it's not so easy. As I've said below, I can't seem to stick to that healthy way of eating long-term and it has not been a waste of time and effort! I've been up and down for the past six years, since I originally lost 65 lbs., I try to make healthy choices, but I do get in bouts with overeating. Until I can get it through my head to stick to it and completely change my mind-set I may be a yo-yo dieter and it won't be a waste of time and effort because at least I'm trying.

ICANTODAY Posts: 975
4/29/13 6:21 P

I wish you good returns on your SP journey.

Our disconnect, I think, is that in my opinion, anything that cannot be carried out long term is a waste of time, effort, and in this case, money. Yo-yoing is so dangerous and detrimental in the long term that I have a really hard time believing that Medifast is really that safe.

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4/29/13 6:04 P

Hi, Aagghh, I guess I didn't say things very clearly. Yes, Medifast did work for me. The first time, that is; but like I said, I didn't think I did so well at keeping off the weight "the right way" these past five years. I kept on ordering Medifast (a lot!) to keep my weight in check and what I should have done is eat right in the first place instead of using Medifast to yo-yo some more. Plus I didn't say it was sustainable in the sense that you'd want to eat it from now on. It's a very radical plan, but it will work if you can do it. While you are losing the weight, yes, it *is* hard to sustain it. But it's not meant for people to eat for the rest of their lives. And I don't want to! When I looked at all my Medifast orders for the past five years, I was shocked. Which is why I joined here, to get myself into doing things the right way. My intent to reply to this thread was simply because I have the Medifast right now, saw the post, wanted to both say 1) yes it "can" work and 2) but I don't want to anymore!!! emoticon Sorry not to have conveyed my meaning very well.

ICANTODAY Posts: 975
4/29/13 5:37 P

I stand by my statement. If it works for you, fine, but I have to scratch my head at a brand new SP member who appears to have joined just in time to get into a timely discussion about a diet you have glowing reviews about. And if it's sustainable, why haven't you been on it all this time? Is it the diet, or the price point? Something isn't sustainable or realistic about it. I'm curious which it is.


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4/29/13 5:25 P

ICanToday, hi there. I can see your concern; I'm all for eating "real food" also, believe me. However, sometimes folks have to try a last-ditch effort. And if they succeed, they succeed. I have. I wouldn't call Medifast a "fad" diet; it was developed at Johns-Hopkins and thousands of doctors have recommended it through the years. But it definitely *is* a radical diet!!! And it's not meant to be sustainable in the sense that you'd eat their food forever. No way! My statement about Medifast being sort of "getting nutrition without eating food" was meant to convey that sometimes folks have to get away from their addictive substance as much as possible to break the lunacy of binge eating, your mind running away with your cravings, etc. Now before you say all of that is BS, well, maybe you haven't had to go through that food hell. Thank God if you haven't! However...

Smiles_Can_Do, thanks for the encouragement! I have to keep remembering that this is a marathon, not a sprint. I have to keep remembering that this is a lifelong burden that I'll have to keep on fighting, forever. I think where I've made a mistake is that I started to feel like Medifast was a crutch which sort of allowed me to fall of the wagon because "I can always go back on Medifast if I screw up". Well technically that's true but looking back on the last five years and all the Medifast orders that I bought, well let's just say it was a whole lot!!! That tells me that I kind of didn't stick to what I learned and kept ordering Medifast to get the few pounds off that I'd regained, over and over again--instead of eating properly all the time and not needing to keep on going back on Medifast. You know what I mean?

Bottom line, even though I was successful with getting the weight off to begin with, I have been barely successful in keeping it off, and this past year I let things slide even more than usual. I don't want to do this forever. I have a lot of Medifast food in the cupboard right now, and can't wait to get through it and move on to doing things the right way at long last.

SUZZQ4LIFE Posts: 1,232
4/29/13 5:24 P

I've seen ads for it too, but am NOT enticed to purchase it at all. I've tried other things such as Raspberry Ketone, etc and didn't work. What works is to eat healthy, sensible portioned foods and exercise. That's what I'm doing now and the great thing is it doesn't cost me an extra cent! No fad diets or playing the game of big business. I'm not going to throw my hard-earned money at those billion dollar gurus.

SMILES_CAN_DO Posts: 488
4/29/13 4:49 P

Thank you SPELEVINK. I appreciate your input and totally understand what you're saying. I see myself in you. I lost 65 lbs on the LA Weight Loss plan. I loved that it was totally my cooking and it taught me the right way to eat. Just as I reached my goal, it went out of business. I look at these plans and only like those that resemble the "right" plan: eating a healthy diet and exercising. I went in for the free consultation with Medifast and liked that they had different options and I wouldn't have to eat all their food. It sounds like it also teaches us to eat the right way- just didn't like that I had to purchase some of their food. Congratulations on your successes in the past! As someone told me once, we learn something and change our habits each time we set out to lose, so eventually we'll get there and keep it off. Keep pushing, you'll get there again!

ICANTODAY: I wouldn't consider the Medifast plan a fad diet. I'm not sure you can call it unsustainable either. Their plan is the the way we should be eating everyday. I went in for the free consultation. It includes a year of follow-up weigh-ins and check-ins after you reach your goal. I consider fad diets those that ask you to eat in ways the average person wouldn't normally eat- plans that a lot of people could never stick to for a lifetime (unsustainable). As I said in a post below, I can't even stick to the "right" way of eating, so should I call that unsustainable? The Medifast plan that would be recommended to me would be to eat two lean and green meals a day and fill the remainder with their meals/snacks- which include oatmeal, pancakes, salty snacks, and a lot more- items we could be eating every day. The only difference is they provide it in portion control packages. It's the way we should all be eating- along with weekly weigh-ins and advice from dieticians. It sounds like a good plan, but it all comes at a cost too, the more you have to lose, the more it costs. So, in my opinion, it's not a marketing fail for SP.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
4/29/13 12:32 P

We have ad agencies that display most of the ads and we don't always see/know which ads are being posted and some of the ads are directed towards what you have recently been searching for. So we do not necessarily endorse every ad on the site and if there is a questionable or inappropriate, please report it using the info from this page:

Coach Denise

ICANTODAY Posts: 975
4/29/13 11:01 A

I realize that SP is a free website that makes its revenue from advertising, but it seems at best borderline questionable and at worst outright irresponsible to allow these unsustainable fad diets to advertise here. Your advertising should be consistent with the values you espouse and encourage, SP. Marketing fail!

SPELEVINK SparkPoints: (576)
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4/29/13 9:19 A

Hi, I'm new here, interested in this post since I have used Medifast on and off for about five years. I lost 65 lbs. with Medifast in 2007-2008 and have kept it off but it has been very hard to do it. I've gone back on Medifast several times since then just to try to keep maintaining. This past year has been very stressful and ended up gaining back about 15-20 lbs. and have gone back on Medifast *again*, but am not very successful with it anymore. I've seen a few posts from people elsewhere, who are in the same boat I am, like seemingly their metabolism has slowed way down from doing the same thing I've been doing. I don't want that to happen to me! You have to be *very* motivated just to try to be successful at losing weight in the first place, and even more so to do Medifast.

What I like about Medifast is that it feels like "abstaining" like an alcoholic or smoker would do when they're trying to quit. Sort of, getting nutrition to stay alive but not actually eating food. That helps me a lot. Also since you can grab the packets and go, it's very convenient for me to not have to spend time in the kitchen making special meals for breakfast and lunch. There's just my husband and me at home, so he only enters into the food picture at dinner. And, I like all the sweet foods they have, it makes me feel like I'm cheating all the time but I'm not! I guess that could be a "con" because I should learn to tame my sweet tooth, not egg it on! I like the strictness of it because you either do their plan or you don't; cheating is pretty obvious so to speak. and if you're a black-n-white, no gray area person like I am, it could be appealing.

Cons: I always feel like I'm on the verge of cheating; supposedly after three days of being on Medifast, you don't get hungry anymore, you're in mild ketosis, and since you lose weight fast it's a good motivator. However since I've done this so many times after the first big weight loss, guess I'm getting tired of it. I want something new and magical to keep the weight off, and Medifast lost its magic.

So, take that with a grain of salt if you want, guess you could order two weeks' worth of food and see what you think. By the way it costs about $300 +/- per month.

SMILES_CAN_DO Posts: 488
4/12/13 10:38 P

Thanks ETHELMERZ! We all know what it takes to lose weight- eat less and exercise- the right plan. It's just so hard to stick to. I've tried different weight loss programs and have lost with most of them. I've used them as a new motivational tool. It's just keeping it off, I didn't stick to any program. For that matter, I can't even stick to "right" one. I don't know much about Medifast, which is a new program in our area. It would be another motivational tool for me, but I don't like the part about eating their foods. Thanks for your input.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,637
4/12/13 9:40 P

I know one man and one woman that used it, the man lost over 60 lbs, the woman lost 33 lbs., but, they gained most of the weight back when they couldn't afford the foods anymore, and frankly, like any of those types of plans, the people got tired of the foods and wanted to go back to eating something that tasted better............and that is how the diet world goes round and round, picking up people and dropping them off, and thus it's a billion dollar business, after all these years.

SMILES_CAN_DO Posts: 488
4/12/13 7:50 P

I would love to know the cost too.

KKLENNERT809 Posts: 10,742
4/12/13 7:48 P

I don't know much about it, but I have a co-worker that swears by it. I would like to know the cost.

SMILES_CAN_DO Posts: 488
4/12/13 7:46 P

I noticed the Medifast plan is advertising on SparkPeople. I clicked through the website. Has anyone ever tried it? What is it like? Sounds like you need to eat their food several times a day and then one on your own? I always have a problem with plans that provide the food for you. I need to learn how to cook and eat on my own- what ingredients to use, etc. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and what it was like. Thank you for your input.

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