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It's basically the exact same exercise except with extended arms. You can increase intensity of an exercise by increasing the length of the lever. Ever notice that some exercises can be done with your arms slightly bent or with your arms straight ? You may find the exercise more of a challenge if you were to extend your arms. However, if you're never tried it, start with the simpler version i.e. the one with your arms closer to your sides instead of extended.

Here are some basic medicine ball exercises you could try too.

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one has straight arms, the other doesn't.

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I recently purchased a 6 lb. medicine ball. I have looked at the various exercises that can be done with the medicine ball. I was wondering what the difference was between the Seated Torso Twists with Medicine Ball and the Seated Twists with Medicine Ball. Visually, they look to be the same thing.

Seated Torso Twists with Medicine Ball:

Seated Twists with Medicine Ball:

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