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7/28/12 5:22 P

Thanks for all the replies and tips, everybody. They are all appreciated.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
7/28/12 10:35 A

You could add some things to your protein shakes like bananas and nut butter or maybe a square of dark chocolate on occaision to help sneak some calories in as well. You could do the powder, a little milk, some greek yogurt and a banana and probably end up with a nice protein punch that adds in some good calories. That would be a pretty great after swim snack, too.

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7/28/12 5:33 A

I sympathise Misalinda, I'm on a weekly dose of Methotrexate which makes me horribly nauseous and kills my appetite for half the week. Then the steroids kick in and my appetite goes completely the other way!

On the days after I take my Methotrexate I find it easier to face food if I have a larger breakfast - I really don't feel like it but it does help settle my stomach for the day. Something like wholewheat toast with peanut butter is perfect and easy for my stomach to handle or oatmeal with banana. On medication days I'll often only be able to face soup, but I'll put a handful of wholewheat pasta in the soup to bulk it up, and again the carbs do help settle my stomach. Rice is good as well, mixed with some chicken. I'm a big believer in getting healthy fats so I eat a lot of oily fish, especially mackerel. If I feel like I can't face fish, I'll blend it with some natural yoghurt or cottage cheese to make a pate, which is fantastic and easy to stomach.
There's even a recipe for peanut butter cookies on here that are sometimes just the job when I can't face anything else.
Wish you all the best of luck, keep on swimming! emoticon

7/27/12 10:24 P

Nuts and peanut butter are a great way to add calories. And the protein shake is a great idea! Sometimes you just have to force it down.

My cousin (that I babysit Monday-Friday) has been put on a medication that makes her lose weight. She is VERY active so I worry about her. I have been forcing her to eat just to ensure she doesn't make herself sick.

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7/27/12 10:17 P

Dragon, I know 1400 is too low. SP set me for 1550-1800, I modified it to 1500-2000. I know 1400 is too low, especially with my exercising, which is why I am worried that I am not getting my intake and have no appetite. And I know it can be difficult enough to meet nutritional/caloric needs while truly eating healthy, but I'm not one of those people eating 5 pounds of veggies a day and can't figure out why I'm not hungry. I have a lean protein, whole grains, and a serving or two of veggies for a meal. I have no appetite due to a medication I was just put on.

That's my whole issue, trying to reach 1500-2000 calories when I have no appetite, and not getting there by eating garbage.

My whole goal is to lose weight in a healthy manner, eating healthy foods, getting exercise, changing my whole life for my whole life. I don't want to mess up my metabolism, I don't want to rush things, I want this to be forever.

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7/27/12 9:40 P

With that much weight to lose, 1400 might be too low! Especially if you're exercising for two hours.

A generally safely accepted calorie deficit between diet and exercise is considered to be 500-1000 calories per day. That amounts to 1-2 pounds per week. Now, obviously, someone with more to lose can probably stand to lose more, but 2 lbs per week is a GOOD target, and all Sparkpeople will allow you to set anyway. :)

I know it's counterintuitive, but you don't want to set up too MUCH of a calorie deficit; that can actually have the opposite effect you want, and slow your metabolism. You want to at the very least aim for your minimum calorie goals... eating less than that won't make you lose faster.

Q: If I consume fewer calories than my plan recommends, will I lose weight faster?

Have you thought about meeting with a registered dietician, who can look at your needs and set you up on a healthy program?

If you still need help calorie boosting, you can do so without breaking the bank with fullness. :) Here's another article that has some great tips for boosting your caloric intake in a healthy way:

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7/27/12 9:12 P

Also, to lose 110 pounds is just my mid-way goal. My total I need to lose is around 235 pounds.

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7/27/12 7:49 P

With forcing and eating higher fat/calorie foods I have been hitting around 1400/day, my target is set at 1500-2000 per day. I wanted to decrease my calories slowly as I lose so that once I reach maintenance I don't have to struggle. I researched my caloric needs to maintain my current weight, which was just shy of 2900/day. So I figured knocking 900-1400 calories a day would be a good start.

Also, that was based on a sedentary lifestyle, and since then I have been swimming or water jogging 1-2 hours almost every day, weather permitting. Most days it's 2 hours.

Over the next two weeks my dose will go up twice, as long as I do not experience nausea.

Today I bought meal replacement shake mix that should help. If I drink them 2x/day that will add 400 calories and half of my protein.

7/27/12 6:37 P

You may need to do a little gentle "forcing" or reminding yourself to eat.
What has been your calorie intake since starting the meds.

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7/27/12 11:27 A

It is a side affect that will not be going away, and the med is long term.

7/26/12 8:00 P

Is the medication something your body will adjust to, and your appetite will return to normal??
Is this a medication that you will be using for a week or 2, and then no longer need it?

Or is this something that is going to be happening for a long time??

Dietitian Becky

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7/26/12 2:22 P

Avocados and olive oil are staples in my house. I believe in getting plenty of healthy oils.

Yesterday I did not meet my range of calories, for example. And that was after sharing some dark chocolate with my son. I would say maybe I need more exercise since I am hungrier after I get out of the pool. But I'm already spending 1-2 hours a day, almost every day, in the pool. Which means I need to be even more careful about making sure to get all of my calories in.

Maybe I will add a protein shake, and not a diet one, maybe as a snack.

I don't want to cut back on my pool time because I am heavy enough that water workouts are the only type my body can handle. Every day I spend in the pool is making it easier for me to just be mobile.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
7/26/12 1:51 P

You can eat higher-calorie and fat foods that are still healthy. Add in some olive oil. Avocados, eggs, nuts, seeds, nut butters, fattier fish like salmon, all higher in cals, but still good for you. It's not broccoli or Twinkies, there is some in-between. You could also add in a higer calorie protein shake if you really felt like you're getting way too few calories.

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MISALINDA SparkPoints: (22,236)
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7/26/12 1:47 P

I have a lot to lose, so I don't want to short myself on calories then be stuck on low calories once I reach maintenance. I was already having a hard time getting all of my calories and protein in after I switched to healthier foods. Lets face it, they are more filling and keep you from hunger longer. I find myself frequently eating not out of hunger, but to reach my calories, and not just once in a while, every day.

Now I am on a medication that pretty much removes my appetite. My morning meal was around 5:30am today and i just made myself eat lunch at 1:30. I wasn't hungry, I just know that I need to take in calories in order to lose. I won't be hungry for dinner at 6, much less try to force in a snack.

I don't want to eat calorie dense foods in order to get my calories because I feel so much better when I eat healthy foods. So how do I get what my body needs without perpetuating a really bad habit of eating when not hungry? I'm not filling up on fruits & veggies, usually having about 5-6 per day. I'm having lean meats, low fat dairy, veggies, whole grains.

So I guess the bedrock of my question is this~ How do I meet my caloric needs when I have no appetite?

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