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10/21/13 11:35 A

Please give your dentist's office a call. They deal with the bad after-effects of dry mouth (it's really hard on your teeth), and can recommend some products that help.

If I remember correctly, there are rinses, toothpastes, and gums that are designed for this. I couldn't use them myself, as they all had artificial sweeteners in them (which I'm allergic to). The ones that my dentist recommended were all available at any pharmacy, so you could also just ask your local pharmacist to see what they would recommend.

Strong thoughts that you are feeling better soon!

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10/21/13 3:09 A

There are a few things that you could do. When you drink the water, if possible have it very cold, and only sip it, rather than drink a glass full. Another option is to suck on a low calorie Sour Lemon Drop which can help stimulate saliva a keep your mouth moist, but they contain calories, so one or two a day would be all you would want there. As mentioned, sucking on ice or chewing gum is another option. You could also get some mouth swabs - they are glycerine and some are lemon flavoured. I asked a nurse for one prior to surgery, when I wasn't allowed to drink. It helped to keep my mouth moist for a fairly long time, and it can be used more than that one swab.

Good luck,

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10/20/13 10:49 P

You can try ice chips. Or chewing sugar-free gum. They keep the mouth moist but don't add much to the water intake.

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10/20/13 10:41 P

I'm taking a round of oral steroids because of a severe back injury flare up. The steroids are working, and things are going well. However, a side effect of these steroids is "dry mouth". I'm ALWAYS thirsty. I have been drinking gallons of water a day. I've talked with the prescribing doctor who has only suggested being careful about not drinking too much water as I've actually gotten water poisoning in the past during a steroid burst like this one. I am supplementing my intake this time around with propel, in an attempt to ensure no water poisoning this time around at the suggestion of my physician.
So, what I'm looking for are suggestions on how to deal with it. What has worked for others? I don't drink tea, coffee, milk, or most juices. I happen to like drinking water, I'm just wondering if there's something better.

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