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6/10/10 2:05 P

I don't understand how all the people on this board (who I assume are NOT doctors) can speak about a program they know nothing or very little about. Especially the comments I see about it being SO dangerous.

I am on a very similar plan given to me by my doctor - who is not affiliated with Medi-weight loss in any way. I just started but I will be getting a weekly EKG, blood pressure, etc. She has done the program herself - she is a DOCTOR.

No, the program is not sustainable, but it really isn't meant to be. You get the weight off and learn how to keep it off. The ultra-low cal diet and meds are temporary. I had lap-band surgery about 2 1/2 years ago and lost all but about 35 lbs of the weight I want to lose (I have maintained a 70 lb. weight loss for 2 1/2 years - so I know how to keep weight off). However, I've stalled out and decided to do this plan for the last leg of the journey.

My bariatric surgeon says the same thing - low carbs only - proteins and vegetables, some fruits, and he recommends low calories too. I asked him if I would be malnourished or ill and he said with a smile, "Not one of my patients ever died from starvation!" Neither of my doctors is pushing a product on me or trying to sell me anything.

By the way, both doctors told me that the notion that eating under 1200 cals a day will stop you losing weight is nonsense. It simply is not true - Here’s a good explanation for why:

I wish everyone well in their efforts, no matter what their efforts are. I think most people on this site are probably not medically supervised in their attempts at weight loss, so it doesn't really make sense to get all in a twitter about people who are.

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3/4/10 4:30 P

I 100% agree with LOLYER. This is SO dangerous. A friend did this Medi WTL. lost 30 pounds FAST. ended up hospitalized 3 weeks into it. he passed out while driving from dehydration. You are messing with your bodies and I really hope sooner rather than later that you learn the RIGHT way to eat and get healthy. You are setting yourself up for failure in the future. Men should NEVER drop below 1500 calories. It's insane to me that a doctor would actually recommend such low calories. I don't know how any of you even have the strength to get out of bed. I really feel bad for all of you on this plan.

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3/4/10 4:10 P

You'll notice that the original poster posted a handful of things over the span of a day or two, then vanished. There's also a post from someone who had serious medical complications on the program. It looks like anecdotal experience matches what the science says on this one-- you might lose weight at first, but it's not safe or permanent.

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3/4/10 2:51 P

I just started last week. Lost 6.5lbs my first week. It's very tough but seems to work. I'll keep you posted.

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7/6/09 7:03 P

Wow, this place really sounds fishy. The average teenage boy who is weight training regularly will only gain about a pound per month in muscle. I have a hard time believing you could gain 1/2 pound of muscle in such a short amount of time, especially given that you are eating such a low number of calories. Honestly, I'm surprised you have the energy to walk.

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7/6/09 11:04 A

Anyone else have any new stories since this was last posted?

My mom and I joined 2 weeks ago. I quit once I realized that week 3, our food intake wasn't going to increase. My mom's still doing it - she's losing more weight than me, and handling it much better than I did (the first week was the most atrocious experience of my life. NEVER AGAIN.)

I bought a Tanita scale and will be following my own diet. Before when I lost weight, I was counting calories and exercising - but that could mean 2 slices of pizza if I was under 1500. But with this program, I now know to eat healthier, like fish and asparagus for dinner instead, and watch my carb intake, since we learned I'm sensitive to it.

But I don't know. I didn't want to stay on for long, and I don't want my mom to stay on for long either.

4/2/09 2:59 P

I did medi for about 3 months, lost 8lbs the first week 5lbs the second and average about 3 lbs a week after that. I think I had a total of 30lbs I lost. It was a great feeling to loss weight quickly, but was it safe??? It is Dr supervised and they have medical assistants and PA working there. The medication they give you almost works to good, your just not hungry and don't eat enough and lost loosing weight. They had me on 600 cals of all protein (then changed it to 800 cals), On a typical day I ate things like turkey lunch meat, low fat cottage cheese, grilled chicken, low fat string cheese, and protein shake. after several months of this I ended up in the ER with gallbladder pain. The ER Dr asked me what my diet was and I told him and he said that was most likely causing my issue. I stopped the program and did gain 10 lbs back and have to stop my self some times from going back because I want the quick results, when we all know deep down in side it won;t last forever.

Medi wants your body in ketosis and wanted you to burn more cals then you where consuming, yes at first it sounds great I felt happy with the quick weight loss, but don;t think it was worth it now. Another reason I stopped the program it was around $70 a week, after 3 months I was broke, so I just eat better and hit the gym 3x a week. Now I have not lost weight like I was, but I feel better about myself know. It just felt wrong being on that program

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10/8/08 4:17 P

I wouldn't call that unreasonable if you were eating six small meals a day, or if you were eating larger snacks between meals. But if all you're eating is three meals of that size each day, then yes, I would say it's unreasonable. Where's the veggies, the whole grains, the dairy products? All these things contribute to a healthy body and aren't there.

I'm glad to hear you will at least be eating 2900 to maintain. Obviously we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I just hope that Dietitian Becky checks this thread later today and adds her two cents.

JONPRYOR99 Posts: 28
10/8/08 3:55 P

You are right, i failed to take into account my activity level when replying earlier. Once I reach my goal weight I will need to eat about 2900 calories a day to maintain.

The doctors at the clinic did answer some of my questions but I already had the answers to most of them from research I had done on my own and from talking with and reading stuff written by people who have been on or are currently on the Medi Weight Loss plan.

Losing weight the way you are doing it is indeed a healthy way to go about it and I applaud you for being able to stick to it and succeed. I tried that route for 6 months (between March of this year and September while my wife was going to Medi the whole time) and it worked for me to a point. I dropped from 270 to 240 but once I got to 240 I was stuck there for a couple of months and could not seem to get past that plateau. Going to Medi for the shots, weekly weigh in's and following their eating plan has allowed me to overcome that plateau. I think the accountability of checking in with them every week aids in making sure I am drinking my 124 oz of water a day, exercising and eating nutrious healthy foods.

For lunch today I had 4 oz of tuna with a table spoon of mayo and a tsp of pickle relish as well as a small apple quartered. Does that seem like an unreasonably small amount to eat for lunch?

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10/8/08 3:35 P

I don't mean to be a pain, but this really concerns me. Your BMR is the amount of calories you burn laying in bed all day doing nothing--it's the amount your body uses just to breathe and function. My BMR, for example, is 1565.8 calories. But then, you need to take your BMR and multiply it by your activity level under the Harris-Benedict equation to get what your body needs for maintenance. Under the H-B equation, I should be eating 2,700 calories just to maintain my weight because I'm very active. I eat around 1,700 calories a day for a very aggressive weight loss goal, but I could eat up to 2,300 and still create a sizable deficit to lose weight. I have consistently lost 1.5 to 2 pounds each week and have never had to eat less than 1200 calories to do this.

I'm 24, female, and I weigh less than you. Since your BMR is 1900, and you're male, your maintenance calories are probably at least 2500 or more assuming you're planning on continuing with exercise. If their goal is to get you up eating to your BMR only, that's wrong. That's not maintenance, unless you plan on not moving all day.

Figure out what you should be eating for maintenance by determining your BMR here:
. Then multiply it by the factor for your activity level here:
. To lose weight, you need to create a 500-1000 daily calorie deficit below what the second link tells you. Eating 600 calories a day is dangerous and it is NOT necessary to lose weight. I will also add that it's much more pleasant to lose weight eating more food than it is eating 600 calories a day! I feel my relationship with food is healthy--I eat foods I like in moderation, and don't deprive myself of things I'm craving. I don't think it's possible to have a healthy relationship with food eating that little.

I understand that you asked a lot of questions when you first started the program, but who answered them? My guess is the doctors at the clinic, who make money off getting people to sign up for the plan. I really hope Dietician Becky is around later today to speak to this, but I really think you should reconsider this plan.

JONPRYOR99 Posts: 28
10/8/08 1:23 P

The scale they use is not one of the $60 home models. (I do want to buy one of those though!)

It is a state of the art Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis scale that determines Fat percentage, Fat mass, Fat Free mass, and total body water weight. Does that mean that I believe it is 100% accurate? No. It's a close as you can get besides underwater submersion tests though.

JONPRYOR99 Posts: 28
10/8/08 1:11 P

I won't be eating this little for the rest of my life. Gradually as I start reaching my goal weight the daily calorie consumption will be raised to be = to my BMR which will be around 1800 calories a day when I am at 195 lbs. I take a multi-vitamin daily as well to make sure i am getting the nutrients I need as well as getting B6 and B12 injections once a week at the clinic.

I fully understand your concerns and when my wife first started going to Medi Weight loss back in March of this year I had the very same ones. After doing a lot of research and checking into Medi Weight loss clinics as well as seeing how well it was working for my wife and how much healthier and happier she was now, I accepted that this was the way to go for me.

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10/8/08 1:08 P

Also, I've got a scale that "zaps" me to calculate my body fat percentage. It doesn't differenciate between fat and water, and it's not a very accurate method, from what I understand. My "body fat" percentage fluctuates throughout the day on that scale.

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10/8/08 1:06 P

In addition to being very low in calories, a diet so low in carbs will put your body into ketosis, which will drop fat quickly. This is basically very low cal Atkins.

I wish you luck, but it doesn't sound healthy or sustainable to me either. There are plenty of "doctors" out there that will happily sell you a scary weight loss program. Have you consulted your regular doctor?

I wish you well.

LOLYER Posts: 1,543
10/8/08 12:51 P

I still maintain that 600 to 800 calories is way too low, especially if you're exercising. I'm assuming by your username that you're male, and I think the recommended minimum for men is 1500 calories/day. This isn't just about starvation mode, it's about giving your body the nutrients it needs to function! I'm eating 1600 calories a day, I'm female and 165ish pounds, and I'm still losing weight. Sure, you're getting quick results, but will it last?

The main problem I see with this is that it's NOT SUSTAINABLE. Do you really want to be eating that little for the rest of your life? What do you think will happen once you stop the program and start eating a normal amount of food? What about what's going to happen when you stop taking an appetite suppressant? Although you and your wife may be losing weight now, it doesn't sound like this program teaches healthy eating habits--it sounds like you're being starved and that is not healthy. I'm sorry if I'm coming across as harsh, but this plan, doctor supervised or not, really does not sound healthy, safe, or sustainable to me.

OPERACHIC Posts: 6,584
10/8/08 12:38 P

It looks like it's medically hopefully it's OK. Just in case, check it out with your regular doctor to be sure, though.

Good luck to you!

JONPRYOR99 Posts: 28
10/8/08 12:37 P


I understand your concerns but it is a perfectly safe plan. My wife has been going to them for almost 7 months and has lost over 70lbs so far. The colon clense is nothing more than fiber pills to help regulate bowel movements. High protein, low carb diets sometimes result in constipation and this is meant to help with that.

I agree that 2 to 3 pounds a week is the recommended amount and after a few weeks on this plan, I expect my loss will slow down to the 3lbs a week rate.

They use the type of scale that sends the electrical pulse through you to determine bodyfat, muscle, water, etc.. So while 15.2 lbs may seem to much the important part to note is that it has mostly been fat lbs lost, not water or muscle. I actually gained a 1/2 pound of muscle in the last 2 weeks due to all the execise and weight lifting I have been doing in conjunction with this plan.

I am eating between 600 to 800 calories a day. Here is what I had yesterday so that you can see I am not starving myself at all.

2 oz egg whites with 1 tbl spoon of salsa
1/2 slice of american cheese
1 slice of turkey bacon
112 calories 1.5 carbs 0 fat

Buffalo flavored chicken sausage link
1 pc of Sargento string cheese
1 dill pickle spear
205 cal 3 carbs 8 fat

6 oz chicken breast
cup of brocoli steamed
235 cal 5 carbs 0 fat

toal of 562 calories 10.5 carbs and 14.5 fat

OPERACHIC Posts: 6,584
10/8/08 12:30 P

A colon clease will result in "weight loss" but not fat loss. Personally, I think the only colon cleasing you EVER need is to eat more fiber and less meat and cheese. :o)

Be careful to avoid anything too drastic.

LOLYER Posts: 1,543
10/8/08 12:13 P

15.2 pounds is WAY too much to lose in 2 weeks. Spark recommends a maximum of 2 pounds of weight loss per week, except for the very obese who may be able to safely lose up to 3 pounds a week. If you're losing more than that, your skin will not be able to catch up and you may wind up with a lot of excess skin when you're done losing weight (see
he_experts.asp?q=22). How many calories are you consuming? If it's under 1200, you may have sent your body into starvation mode which is unhealthy and may stall your weight loss in the long run.

I googled Medi Weight Loss Clinics and it doesn't sound like a good plan. Appetite suppressant? Colon cleanse? These are all temporary measures that won't work in the long run. Check out this article:
. I hope Dietitian Becky weighs in on this, but it doesn't seem like a safe way to lose weight at all. I'd save your money and follow the Spark plan. emoticon emoticon

JONPRYOR99 Posts: 28
10/8/08 12:02 P

Good Morning!

I had my 2nd week weigh in at the Medi clinic this morning. Down 5.6 lbs from last week and actually lost 6.6 lbs of fat. (the pound difference was 1/2 pound muscle gain and 1/2 pound water gain)

That's a total of 15.2 lbs lost in 2 weeks with 13.8 lbs of that being fat!

I am feeling very excited and motivated by this and look forward to continuing on and reaching my goal weight.

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10/7/08 11:18 A

I haven't gone there, or even considered it, but my mom has started going there and she really seems to enjoy it. She seems to be doing fairly well, losing about 3 pounds a week or so - but she tends to have a problem with willpower, so sometimes she gains a pound or two...

As for me, myself is pretty much all I need. It just took SparkPeople to get me really started!

JONPRYOR99 Posts: 28
10/7/08 10:39 A

I started going to Medi Weightloss clinics on 9/24/08. I lost 9.6 lbs the first week and go in for my 2nd week weigh in tomorrow!

Just putting this out there to see if anyone else here is using the Medi Weight Loss clinics and if so, find out how it's going for you.

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