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5/12/14 4:13 A

His reply was basically "if you can swallow it, you can have it!" So I have been experimenting. Liquids I do fine with. Everything else has to be very well blended. It can be as thick as pudding as long as there are no lumps. I am actually starting to have fun with this too! I started making things by blending them in a blender with a mason jar instead. It's still weird eating pudding thick chicken and beef LOL but I have gotten quite creative now!

5/7/14 7:46 A

Check with your doctor or speech language pathologist---but most people on a pureed diet can have solid foods that are pureed to the consistency of pudding or mashed potatoes. This makes it much more appetizing. You will also want to check on the thickness required for all your liquid beverages.


5/6/14 10:11 P

I just tried pureed steak with mushroom gravy. Not bad. Although I went a little overboard with the gravy and it was a weird feeling when I drank my meat LOL... the flavor was there though!

5/5/14 9:11 P

Thank you! both of you! I appreciate it :) We'll know if it's long term after the scope and can plan from there. I hope it's not long term. But I am experimenting tonight to see how the pizza goes. I already planned a week of pureed veggies, veggies juices, and something fruity and frozen to give me a wider variety. Thanks so much...

WOW that link is super helpful. Thank you SO MUCH!

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5/5/14 8:47 P

There are several stages of mechanical soft diets.
I assume you need the pureed stage.

This link may give you some helpful tips:

If this is a life-long need; I suggest that you ask your doctor for a referral to see a Registered Dietitian for greater meal planning options to meet need. There are also several cookbooks available on the topic too.

your SP Registered Dietitian

5/5/14 7:52 P

I work in a nursing home. Most veggies are usally just cooled until soft. Fruits are usually canned to be soft enough. Meats are pulsed in the food processor, they aren't really pureed with water, just ground a bit. Things like pizza, we would serve over pasta rather than on a crust to male or soft enough.

5/5/14 7:42 P

I know that you can puree foods to make them mechanical soft. But how do you do that? Just add a little water and puree? I know when I worked in a nursing home, they would make food mechanical soft, including pizza. So, I really want pizza tonight. I have all the stuff... but I am wondering how to make it soft enough that I can swallow it without choking to death.

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