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1/11/13 11:27 P

I like it all m self. But, I've been getting into wild game. I just had somebody bring me a goose breast the other day. It a red meat and I thought it was going to be gaming. Boy I was wrong. it tasted better than ANY steak i've ever had. And it really lean. I've been eating a lot of deer burger, too. And there's nothing like a diet that you can eat burgers. Just got to do it right.

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1/11/13 3:04 P

What do you like? Everyone says fish and poultry, but I hate fish and can do poultry like 2 times a month. I choose lean beef and pork.....just keep it 3oz or less servings.

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1/3/13 5:27 P

I usually buy the 3 pound bag of frozen chicken breast and a big bag of frozen tilapia - both are very versatile and can be cooked in a variety of styles.

I also buy extra lean ground beef, lean rump roast (cut off any visible fat), and turkey sausage.

We also try to have salmon, shrimp, or even canned tuna once or twice a week.

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1/2/13 3:46 P

chicken and turkey are lean and very easy to prepare in lots of ways, and go with lots of other foods. Pretty easy to cook as well.

Good cuts of beef are often lean, but can be harder to cook (can make them tough).

What dishes do you enjoy?

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1/1/13 8:19 P

What types of meats should I purchase and prepare?

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