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8/28/13 10:28 A

I do the same as RUSSELL - I buy the big (cheaper!) family packs of meats and portion them out. This helps me a lot in the kitchen, too. I don't have to cook the whole package - just what I'm preparing to use.

There are lots of sites with descriptive pictures on the 'net if you Google™ for them. Some have great visuals. I'll see what I can find... if I do, I'll come back and amend this with some links.

UPDATE: links...
Nice visuals for food types, with printable wallet- and ‘fridge-cards

another nice pocket guide

textual description from MedLine

portion size pitfalls from the CDC

portion sizes (using womens’ hands!)

from Prevention™ mag…

slideshow (photos) from Womens’ Health

textual guide from the Dr Oz website

Hope some of these help!

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8/28/13 9:21 A

I eat b/s chicken thighs a LOT, and they are 3-4 ozs each. Not a lot of meat, which is why we tend to underestimate meat consumption.

When I was seeing a dietitian, she told me about the rule of a serving was " the size of your fist ". So I showed her my fist, and she said.. " Well, maybe MY fist "

I buy packages of meat, and divide them when I get home. They have the weight listed on them. So if the package is 1.44 lbs, and there are 6 chicken thighs, I know each is roughly 4 ozs.( 3.84 ). If I buy a package of ground beef that is 1.14 lbs, I can split it into six 3 oz portions, and freeze them. This saves me from having to weigh portions, and is still pretty close.

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8/27/13 8:48 P

As the chart states, 3 ounces of cooked meat is the size of a deck of playing cards.
Another good visual for 3 ounces of meat is: the size of the palm of your hand and as thick as your little finger.

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8/27/13 6:31 P

This should help you visualize it:

A 3 oz serving of meat is about the size of a deck of cards.

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8/27/13 6:04 P

Don't have a scale... can someone give me a few tips

Saw one that said 3 tbs was 3oz meat

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