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LYNNAZ1 Posts: 17
10/21/13 5:29 P

Thank you all for reinforcing the importance of measuring and tracking. To keep my tracking on track, I treated myself to new and attractive measuring cups and spoons to keep on the counter. It was a suggestion in one of the videos. I think the visual reminder, right near the refrigerator and food cupboard helps me to remember to measure, and not to snack mindlessly; you are all inspiring me that it is worthwhile to make it an ongoing habit. It helps. Thank you.

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (176,640)
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10/20/13 7:51 P

Good on you for doing one of the best things in the world somebody can do if they want to lose weight. It is simply impossible - I don't care how good at eyeballing things you are - to get a truly accurate picture of what all that you're eating without measuring and weighing.

I've been on Spark since 2005 and still measure and track. I track 98% of the time and measure about 70% of the time. And I have a pretty good eye. Sometimes I have fun just by testing my eye. I'll put out what I think is, say, one cup, THEN measure it. Usually, I'm pretty close.

But so many things can be deceiving. Keep up the great work. You've just learned a MAJOR KEY piece to awareness in your eating!!!!

Good luck to you on your journey ...

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (38,523)
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10/20/13 4:36 P

It is quite interesting, isn't it?

I have fought being fat my entire adult life. I had kinda, sorta watched what I ate but never really developed a habit of tracking. Once I started really reading labels and using actual measuring devices vs "eyeballing: servings the weight started coming off.

Prior to this, I was a full fledged member of the clean plate club. If it was served, I ate it. If
a bowl held two cups then that was a serving.

I still have "fat eyes". If I don't measure I will serve myself anywhere from 1 to 3 servings and think I'm ok. The funny thing is that I can bake and cook without measuring!

Keep up with the tracking and you will see a difference.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (54,505)
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10/20/13 12:32 P

Like many people, I started my weight loss/fitness journey without tracking or measuring -- and had mediocre results. I started to track and measure just as an experiment, thinking that I would do it just for a month or so to teach me a few things and fine tune things a bit. That was almost 3 years ago and the most effective strategy I have used.

I still track about 90% of the time and measure my food about 50% of the time and can't imagine ever going back to never doing it.

FREEDOMFIT30 SparkPoints: (9,106)
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10/20/13 11:30 A

Great job!! Keep it up!!!!

LYNNAZ1 Posts: 17
10/20/13 8:13 A

I have just finished my first week of tracking, and reviewed what I have tracked, Watching the calories has helped me make informed choices, but I realize that I need to work on reducing fats in my diet and work on balancing the carb/protein ratio better. Will start working on that.

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