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I agree with the SparkPeople recommendations since it is too easy to bounce around when doing weigh-ins too often. Even in doing it as they say, it's very important to do it at the same time(best in the morning and after going bathroom), same amount of cloths, etc. When one is trying to just lose 1-2 lbs per week, it doesn't make sense to eat a couple lbs of food right before weighing, or even with a full bladder,etc. I weigh in first thing every Sunday and take my measurements one per month. Then I really get the best idea of my gains and losses.

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Sparkpeople recommends weigh-ins no more than once per week, and other measurements about once per month. You're not going to see super-high-speed results in shorter intervals, so there's not much point in doing it more often! Go to your start page, and look at your measurements page. You can set what you want to measure, and it will recommend how often to do so!

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2/26/12 10:16 A

In the beginning the fat loss is drastic, especially when you are very overweight or obese. But as you lose fat, the fat loss rate drops. It drops so much that the last few pounds can take a long time to lose.
I take measurements every 2 weeks. But as my weight drops further, I will have to take measurements every 3 weeks or once a month.
However, if you are not frustrated with number you see, you can take measurements as often as you like. For example, I weigh myself every couple of days, and each time I see a slight reduction or a slight gain, but my mood is not affected by these results. What would affect my mood is the measurement every 2 weeks (especially if I have worked hard to lose the fat). So I take seriously my measurements only every 2 weeks, although out of curiosity I can take measurements in between two successive "serious" measurements.

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2/26/12 10:09 A

I've been dieting for about 6 weeks and I have lost about an inch. How long does it take for more inches to start coming off and how often should I be taking measurements?

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