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5/3/13 7:37 P

Thank you all :)

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5/3/13 3:53 P

I use the google converter. You can type whatever units you want to convert and the converter comes up automatically i.e., "Tablespoons in a cup" will pull up a converter and you add in whichever measurement you have and need to convert it to. It is annoying when things aren't measured in a way that makes sense.

Posts: 939
5/3/13 11:03 A

It never really bothers me. I just convert and go!

Posts: 2,667
5/3/13 6:20 A

yes, there's a problem when you have less than the 'minimum' measurement given.
While I don't like all those decimals either; guess I'll have to cope until they come up with ml measurements as an option

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Posts: 21,005
5/3/13 6:07 A

I think that because a lot of us use metrics for measure, SP should be accommodating us, too. Also, when we manually enter a food to our Favorites, there should be a selection for mls instead of having to put
.15555 cup.


Posts: 4,947
5/3/13 5:59 A

You can always use the conversion calculator linked on the Nutrition Information page to help as well.

Coach Tanya

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5/2/13 9:58 P

It's 1 tablespoon.

16 tablespoons in 1 cup, so 1 tablespoon is 1/16th of a cup, which in decimal rounds to .06

SparkPoints: (3,983)
Fitness Minutes: (1,346)
Posts: 10
5/2/13 9:20 P

Some of these recipes, ingredients, etc. use measurements I've never used, or heard of......I've tried to use the internet to try and figure things out, but even the internet comes up with nothing........what is .06 of a cup??

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