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2/2/13 5:09 P

I agree with others - I was able to go to a smaller size bra and pants this week.

I also use a measure that doesn't get mentioned often - P A I N - or more accurately the lack of it - I have arthritis in my knees and as I lose, they hurt less, my breathing is better.

I also use the medical numbers - blood sugar, BP, and cho lest erol and related to the medical numbers, I have been able to reduce my the me ds used to control those things

The S C A L E is always exciting when the numbers drop and I love wearing things I couldn't wear before, but the health issues are MY biggest thrill.

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2/2/13 2:46 P


As I'm sure you know, via your success, the success, itself, is its own best reward.

Being able to wear clothes you haven't warn in years is an added real kick.

I've been married for 44 years, and I am approaching a weight that my wife has never seen me at.

The one down side is underwear. I'm on my third new smaller generation. Apparently, my older underwear was given away. ;-)


BTW, "Boppy" is what my grandson calls me.

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1/31/13 8:28 P

Hello Lee,
When I first began my quest for a healthy lifestyle I put a star emoticon on a wall calendar and wrote how many days in a row I had taken a walk. There were plenty of days in those early days when I took a walk simply to earn a star and not break a streak. Now that can be done here at SP. I fell in love with all the benefits of workouts and actually now anticipate them. emoticon emoticon emoticon
For nine years I tracked every morsel of food I ate here on Sparkpeople and still track (automatically) my workouts by wearing a BodyMedia Fit monitor. Previously I used a HRM.
I still randomly track a day's worth of nutrition now and then just to make certain I am doing what I think I am doing calorie and nutrient wise.
I am reminded by BMF to measure once a week and that is typically what I have always done. Like you I do notice fluctuations and do sometimes weigh more often that once a week. I randomly take tape measurements but mostly go by how my clothes fit and make certain to wear my 'skinny' jeans at least once a week so nothing sneaks back up on me emoticon
The important things you are doing are staying engaged, being resolved and being intelligent about what works for you. I do think the strategies you mentioned will help others so Thank you again for sharing.
.....and Happy Dance on your successes emoticon

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1/31/13 7:26 P


What do you measure, and how do you measure it?


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1/31/13 7:15 P

emoticon Wow Boppy you have certainly accomplished excellent results.

Thank you for sharing this strategy. It sounds like it works very well for you. emoticon Tracking everything is what worked for me too!

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1/31/13 5:57 P

Measurement Is the Key (at least in my case--YMMV)

I have found that I am input and output measurement challenged.

Therefore on my route to losing over 100 pounds (I've still got about 20 to go), I have found that measurement of what I eat and drink, and exactly what exercises I do, and how long I do them, is the key.

To this end, I have:

Positioned 3x5 slips of paper, in every place that may lead to inpu, including my office, the kitchen and the den. (I have a smart phone, but input is slower, and I only tend to use that at restaurants.)

For workouts I have a checklist with all parameters, and places for notes on ease, aches, and changes required. (This is important not only for recording for Spark, and progress, but also for avoiding overdoing it.)

BTW, I weigh myself, every AM, and despite the seemingly random fluctuations, I find this useful, keeping me on track.

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