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5/27/12 2:19 P

Be careful what you call meal replacement shakes because technically they have to meet certain requirements to be considered Meal Replacement. Many shakes and shake mixes don't meet that requirement. I also don't like the multi-level marketing shakes and won't buy into that no matter how great they are for you. Check out this site for reviews on Some of the most popular.

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5/20/12 5:09 A

Exotec, it's a Tupperware shaker, the plastic shaker with a "fin" insert. They're brilliant for shaking and blending, and you can even use them to make good, old-fashioned whipped cream.

If any of us ever get back to eating whipped cream, that is.

THEQUEENBEE333 Posts: 1,689
3/20/12 10:52 A

I have been thinking about these, at least for Breakfast or lunch to keep my calories in control and still get something decent, and then have my sensable meal in the evening... I am interested in more recipes that are quick and easy because those canned things are NOT for me.

3/15/12 1:02 A

I am pretty good about getting a good breakfast. 80% of the time it's actually healthy. I am really lame when it comes to getting a good healthy lunch. I thought that protein shakes could occasionally give me the nutrients I need without my bothering to make a salad or sandwich. I have some SlimFast chocolate and some vanilla by a company called Extra Health. They both taste okay but for some reason when I have one for lunch it triggers my desire to have a real meal. I have to keep quick healthy low calorie options available so I don't go for burger and fries after I drink one. I hope your experience is more successful.

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3/14/12 11:46 P

FIRECOM - I have a shaker that I make mine in. I can't remember where I got it, but it's got some little stirring blades (fixed, but still...) that help get the stuff mixed up. You might look around where they sell the powder.

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3/14/12 6:11 P

I love to make shakes, but it is a big bother to dig the blender out and I tend to make them too high in cals.

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3/14/12 6:02 P

I drink one at breakfast every day ... pre-made, Atkins™ brand. My husband likes EAS ... they're a bit more bland than the Atkins™, IMO.

If I'm not so lazy as to just reach for the container, I like the Designer Whey™ powder. I usually mix it in either coconut milk or almond milk. If I use almond milk, I dilute it a bit because it tastes a little bit too sweet for me.

I think the taste is an individual thing. You have to just try them. Designer Whey™ comes in lots of flavors, but I don't remember if it's readily available in stores. I think I got mine mailorder, either through their own site or Amazon. My main criteria (other than the nutritional values, naturally!) is to try to avoid soy. It's not the wonder food it's made out to be.

Good luck finding one you like!

3/14/12 3:26 P

I use a brand called Orgain. Chocolate and Vanilla are pretty good.

ULTRAGRL21 Posts: 58
3/14/12 3:17 P

i used to buy the slim fast shakes but they did not fill me up and they tasted kinda "off" to me. I bought a magic bullet and make my own smoothies now. As someone that doesn't have a lot of time in the morning, this works perfect for me. Here is the base of the smoothie I make for my post workout breakfast, it tastes delicious and I would think a lot better for you then the pre-made shakes.

1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1 scoop of quaker dry oats
6 oz of chobani fat free greek vanilla yogurt
a handful of fruit - i prefer to buy bags of frozen fruit and just throw it in there so no chopping necessary
1 banana
a splash of unsweetened almond milk

Throw all in magic bullet and blend. It takes me 5 minutes to make, including blend time, and the magic bullet is just great. Unscrew the cup, drink, rinse cup, and repeat.

Good luck!

3/14/12 1:05 P

An option that is a little cheaper than traditional protein powders/meal replacement shakes is Carnation Instant Breakfast. Buy the powder and mix it with milk OR buy the bottles of pre-mixed. It tastes good, is heavy on protein, but is only 220 calories for a glass if you use skim milk.

3/14/12 12:35 P

I drink shakes for breakfast and lunch b/c of my hectic schedule. I mix 4 scoops of a protein powder (220 calories), 8oz of Kroger's Carbmaster Yogurt (80 calories), and 16 oz of Unsweetend Vanilla Almond milk (70 calories), shake it together, and drink half for breakfast and half for lunch. I also eat a protein snacks for my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, which is usually lettuce wraps using deli meat and string cheese.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/14/12 12:18 P

Store bought ones I would never touch. However, if I made it myself and controlled the ingredients I put into it yes. I would do meal replacement shakes. The nice thing about the ones I make, it does take me a while to down one. THey are normally thick and filling. Lots of greens and some fruit to take the green flavor away.

I use stevia and would rather not use truvia or pruvia.

As far as whey, as long as i can find it made from green fed cows and cold pressed I will consume it. If they don't know at the health food store or I can't determine it on line, I don't buy it.

The most important thing is to trust your sources where you get food. Sometimes it is worth traveling an extra 10 or 15 miles if you know what you are getting and the source is green.

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3/14/12 9:38 A

I would always choose to eat real food because I love food. However, when my mom did not want to eat, I would make her a big milkshake with all kinds of nutrients in it so that she got her vitamins and calories. she needed.

3NORNS Posts: 351
3/14/12 8:49 A

the thing with whey is you can read all kinds of horror stories about it but it's one of those things you have to determine whether or not it works for YOU.

let's face it, there's horror stories on the net about EVERYTHING and 90% of it is designed to pander to paranoia ("pink slime") or has an agenda (warnings about using stevia in herb form - most of which were originated by the makers of PureVia and TrueVia).

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3/14/12 8:41 A

I haven't read everyone else's posts but my 2 cents:

I stay away from most commercial products as they are often high in sugar or artifical sugars. I also tend to stay away from anything containing whey because of what I've read about it.

I get meal replacement shakes from my health food store. They are all made with foods, with ingredients I recognize, and sweetened with something natural like berries. I also get protein powder from the health food store to add as needed, using something like pea, hemp, rice, soy, grains, or a combination.

There are a lot of really great products out there, I tend to go with Spirutein as it's less expensive and comes in a wide range of flavors for my shake, and I usually get Nutribiotic Rice Protein Powder to supplement. Honestly I usually get chocolate shake and chocolate protein powder.

3NORNS Posts: 351
3/13/12 9:47 P

me, i couldn't function without my shakes - i take two a day as snacks. i eat every 3hrs - 3 meals, 2 snacks - and each shake made with water has 20gr protein and 10gr fibre. they're FitSmart Fibre35.

it is impossible to get 20gr fibre and 40gr protein as well as everything else in 750cal/day.

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3/13/12 9:34 P

Muscle milk is a good option..look it up @ vitamin shoppe .com It comes premixed

2/23/12 9:53 A

This has been very helpful. I think what I took away is that meal replacements can be useful in my life. I really like the idea of making smoothies and freezing them the night before too.

AUDREYUK Posts: 631
2/22/12 10:13 P

In general, I don't get the big controversy. I drink them occasionally for breakfast (and have done so the past 16 years or so)-sometimes I have eggs, sometimes homemade plain yogurt, sometimes fruit. Personally I hate cereal (except for oatmeal) and granola bars, but I also realize they're not so bad if eaten in moderation (and of the low-sugar variety) and if someone has an affinity for them every once in a while, what's the big deal?

I guess I just feel like meal replacement shakes are singled out a lot as bad, but there are so many other worse breakfast choices that people make daily that could be perceived as better than shakes.

I don't expect any miracles from drinking them. I expect to be consuming the amount of calories on the can-the rest is up to me to ensure I'm healthy and eating in the proper range. Sometimes, a girl just likes a shake! emoticon

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2/22/12 6:30 P

I wasnt trying to sell it I was saying click the page and read the ingredients.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
2/22/12 5:19 P

"To each their own. If I recall you didn't start this thread, and already gave your two cents?"

Dude, people are allowed to give their opinions even if they didn't start a thread. That's kind of the point. And *most* people here will agree that shakes are okay in moderation, like anything, but whole, fresh foods are almost always better. Just because someone prefers to stick with whole foods, that doesn't mean you can't still have your shake.

By the way, you might want to remove your link. You aren't allowed to sell things here.

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2/22/12 5:01 P

To each their own. If I recall you didn't start this thread, and already gave your two cents? Have you ever looked at the nutritional content of Shakeology?

TEALPWRAZ Posts: 316
2/22/12 11:00 A

I've had people trying to push these on me lately, however, I refuse. Why drink something that is packaged? That just tells me that it lacks nutrition and has preservatives. I prefer to make my own smoothies twice a day! I use fresh fruits and veggies and they are delicious...and the calories aren't empty in any way! Also, I never feel hungry between meals.

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2/22/12 10:51 A

I drink Shakeology. It has only 150 calories per serving and soooo many other amazing benefits. Before I started drinking Shakeology I was using the GNC go lean shakes. There is no comparison...the price of Shakeo put me off at first but after I tried it there is no going back. Plus they have a bottom of the bag guarantee so if you ordered it and hated it then you can send it back empty no questions asked for a refund. If anyone is interested in checking out the ingredients check out

You don't need to buy extra vitamins on shakeology because it has a TON in there, it's actually filling, doesn't leave me thirsty after I drink it, and it has a ton of probiotics in it which are so good for healthy digestion.

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1/18/12 4:04 P

I've never found a meal replacement shake that I actually like enough to continue with it more than once in awhile. Are you adverse to bars? Some of the protein ones are pretty good and provide enough energy to get you through the morning, but they also tend to have a good bit of sugar. So it'll depend on your nutritional goals, preferences, etc. I know that I don't like really sweet breakfasts, so the bars tend to be afternoon things when I do use them.

I'm the same way about getting up and cooking. So not gonna happen.
If you're not set on just shakes and are looking for anything that is minimal effort and enough calories for a satisfying breakfast, there are plenty of virtually effortless options. In the winter, I love instant oatmeal with some nuts, for example.

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1/18/12 4:00 P

"I've read isolate is better than whey concentrate"

not true - isolate was created for lactose intolerant people, but WPC is better. IMO better than either is Milk Protein Isolate - it is about 80% micellar casein

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1/18/12 3:44 P

I have been using Pure Protien Whey Chocolate Powder, 1 scoop is 140 calories, 25 grams of protein and 4 grams of Sugar (dont quote me on these, but they are VERY close). They have a great website that has information on their products. I really like the Pure Protein line of bars/snacks/shakes and the powder. They do make already made shakes, however i dont care for the taste.....i like to use the powder with skim milk and a little fruit. I have a hand held stick mixer that is WAY WAY awesome and quick to blend, it takes me about 4 min to put it all in and mix and i have a drink that lasts me all morning.

Again, the pre made shakes are a little gross (my opinion). I do like the meal bars, although you have to watch the sugar content in all of these products. The meal bars are great for on the go and travel! If you get a stick mixer, it saves time, washing and energy and is VERY QUICK. I definately dont like to get up eariler than I have to, but the 4 min it takes to throw in the cup and mix is well worth it!

FUNSTYLE Posts: 180
1/18/12 3:06 P

Try cold filtered whey protein isolate sweetened only with stevia. Jay Robb is a good brand. I've read isolate is better than whey concentrate. Buy some bananas, a bag of blueberries and perhaps a few nuts and you have a healthy breakfast!

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1/18/12 2:40 P

If you have an Aldi's near you, I love their Fit and Active chocolate shakes. About 180 calories, full of protein, some fat to keep you full, and vitamins. I'm not a fan of the vegetable oil in it to emulsify it (you can't taste it, I'm just more of an olive oil/coconut oil/peanut oil kind of girl) but if that doesn't bother you, try them. They're cheap, about 5$ for a six-pack. I'll take one of those plus a greek yogurt for dinner when I have class or work early and don't want to make breakfast.

Another brand I like is Slim-Fast, it's pricier but they taste pretty good. They have about 200 calories, and if you want to make it a full meal, maybe add some more protein powder. I like Designer Whey the best.
products-shakes.htm Those are 100 calories, ready made, intended for snack but combine it with a handful of nuts or a hardboiled egg it's a good breakfast.

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ANARIE Posts: 13,185
1/18/12 1:50 P

I think what people are trying to point out is that there are many other equally convenient but nutritionally superior options for a quick and easy breakfast. Yogurt and fruit, kefir, microwavable soups, frozen breakfast sandwiches or burritos (Amy's brand are particularly tasty and nutritious)-- all of those will give you superior nutrition with no more effort.

Oh, and don't automatically diss your Dunkin' Donuts stop. Look at the nutrition info for their breakfast sandwiches. Some of those things are not bad at all. Unless you really can't resist getting a donut on the side, stopping in for one of those once or twice a week is a totally viable option.

Almost all meal replacement shakes are high in sugar and calorie dense, because they were born as a medical aid for people who were physically unable to eat enough calories. Another problem is that most of them are marketed as supplements, not foods. Supplements don't have to meet the same standards for labeling accuracy, purity, and safety as foods do, so what's listed on the label sometimes has very little resemblance to what's actually inside.

By the way, "Men's Health" is a Rodale publication. Many years ago, some of the Rodale magazines were serious mid-level journalism, but now they have deteriorated into just about the poorest information sources in print. They do no fact-checking and very little editing, and they pay so little that they're attracting the weakest writers.(And I've heard rumors of freelance writers being paid to submit "articles" written by supplement makers.) I really wouldn't rely on them as a source for health information. The reason you haven't been able to find articles on this topic elsewhere is that serious researchers and writers don't have anything new to say-- meal replacement shakes aren't going to kill you and they're not going to turn you into an athlete, so there's not much to put in an article. You don't find many articles about instant pudding, either, for pretty much the same reasons. When you do, you can be pretty sure that Jell-O had something to do it.

If you want to determine for yourself whether the article is reliable, Google the study authors named in it, and see where they work, what else they've done, and read the original study if you can. Generally, when you read the actual study, you find that the general findings are quite different from the tiny part that was quoted. For example, in that study they mention from Wisconsin, there pretty much had to be a 3rd group they're not telling you about. You don't take one group and give them a structured, very low calorie plan, take a second group and tell them, "Jus' watch whatcha eat, 'kay?" and then compare them, unless the study was intended for advertising instead of peer review.

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1/18/12 1:50 P

muscle milk is nutritionally balanced and it tastes great -

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1/18/12 1:43 P

I was on Optifast for a while about 5 years ago. And have used many varieties of meal replacement shakes.

It really comes down to what your goals are.
I, personally, think the best over the counter shakes that are easy to find are the high protein Slimfast (I think it is now called Lower Carb Slimfast)- there are about 180 cal, 20g protein, and 4g total carbs.
The high protein and low carb keep your blood sugar from crashing mid morning and can fit very well into your goals.

I would avoid Carnation instant breakfast; or any others that high on sugar content.
I, too, liked the convenience of being able to grab and go.

WRXSTI23 Posts: 1
1/18/12 12:55 P


This is my very first reply to anything on this site but since I am doing the meal replacement shakes right now and have had success I figured I would let you know what I have been doing.

I started my shakes on 1/3.
I was taking the GNC Total Lean shakes. Not the pre-made ones but the powder tubs. I bought a few blender bottles and I would pre portion out the powder servings and place them in ziploc bags for an easy grab n go type of thing.

I mixed the chocolate flavored powder with just water because I actually liked the taste and I'm a girl and would prefer not to add any extra calories by using milk.

Total calories is 180 per serving with water and it was definitely filling and also has 9g of protein per serving. I lost about 7 pounds in a week and a half and these are completely worth it in my opinion.

I just went back to GNC this Monday to purchase some more and then i discovered the
GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein. It has only 130 calories per serving and 20g of protein! I think this would be a great option for you. The taste is not as great as the total lean but since it has fewer calories I would totally mix it with some skim milk and it will still be a low calorie shake with tons of protein. I'm loving it so far and GNC also has great deals on both of these powders.

I'm thinking you were actually wanting info on already made shakes which they also have but I prefer to make them fresh myself and literally takes no time at all when you have a blender bottle.

CELTSGUY81 Posts: 2
1/18/12 12:33 P

This is what I meant in my original message. I'm not asking your opinion on why shakes are bad or not. They actually aren't if you treat it like you're supposed to treat everything else (make it well balanced, make it part of an overall healthy diet).

I don't have kids. I'm not interested in what a teenage girl might think. I am a 30 year old man trying to lose weight. I understand my limitations and I'm working with them. Could I tell myself that I am going to wake up extra early each morning and cook/make a well balanced breakfast? Yes. Can I do it? Yes. Do I want to or is it sustainable in the long term as a drastic departure form what I'm doing now? No, it isn't. Am I willing to trade a few bucks for convenience? Yes, I absolutely am because I make a good salary and the convenience has actual monetary value to me. I'm willing to spend money on a product that is worth the money.

So while YOU may be in your perfect healthy zen zone (congrats to you, btw), some of us are not. I thought this site was supposed to be about folks helping each other out and not being all high-handed?

So my original question still exists despite a few good replies. I'm looking for healthy (obviously), well balanced, pre-made, MEAL REPLACEMENT shakes that I can use for my breakfast in the morning.

I don't want to bust out my blender if I don't have to. I know I am FAR from the only person who feels this way, and I know some company sees the market need and filled it. I just don't know what companies to trust for reviews or buying their products.

EDIT: Read the following if you doubt the validity of meal replacement shakes:

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1/18/12 11:14 A

I have to ask people what do they learn from replacing meals with shakes?

1. We got past drinking our food as babies..
2. If you have kids- especially impressionable teenage girls what sort of food culture are your drumming into their heads?
3. Shakes were invented as suppliments and not meal replacements.

If you want to learn to eat healthy in a lifestyle change don't fall into the trap of using money on these products.. It is just changing one lazy habit for another- not learning better mastering skills of eating..

If people feel weak eating these shake- perhaps consider you need "real" food- the body has to work less hard burning off liquid food- they will make you feel hungry if you replace too many meals...

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1/18/12 10:10 A

For practical reasons I've been replacing two meals per day with shakes from GNC for the last two or three months. I get the powder version, but you can get the liquid version as well. It is the same, but somewhat more expensive.

One shake can have up to 400 calories and is balanced with aminoacids, vitamins, and minerals. Enough to replace a meal and not feel weak until the next one.

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
1/18/12 8:29 A

you could also juts make a smoothie at night, take it out of the freezer when you get up, and sip at it through the morning. smoothies are just fruit, yogurt and a little liquid to them out, so you'd basically just be having dairy and fruit for breakfast, with no more effort than a premade drink [with regards to the morning prep work involved] but that has actual food in it.

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1/18/12 8:12 A


I use them as my mid-morning snack. I use Slim-Fast because they are readily available at my grocery store, but some of the ones you can get at GNC might be better.

A quick Google search led to this website - and there are others. Just type in "meal replacement shake reviews" for a list:


BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/18/12 6:49 A

Take chocolate milk. Add a multivitamin. You've basically got a Slim-Fast. If you're looking for Slim-Fast-type shakes, they are all pretty similar to one another and it's mostly the taste that varies; just compare the nutrition facts/ingredients and go with what is more in tune with your particular goals, and if you don't like the taste, try another.

If you're looking for things like protein shakes, I can't help you there.

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1/18/12 4:28 A

Are you talking about shakes like Slim-Fast or Special K? I much prefer the taste of Walmart's brand of shake compared to Slim-Fast. Other than that, I don't have any other information. I also mainly have them as a breakfast b/c I'm not a big breakfast eater.

CELTSGUY81 Posts: 2
1/18/12 12:02 A

I am finding it impossible to get good information on pre-made (store bought) meal replacement shakes. My idea is to buy some of these to have as my breakfast in the morning since I know that (A) I am always tired and never willing to make a healthy breakfast, and (B) my morning stop at Dunkin Donuts is usually rather unhealthy.

I know people will say its not perfect, and why not get up earlier, etc. I'm not asking about that.

Can anyone provide me links to some good resources on what brands are healthiest? What to look for? Etc? Anyone doing this now?

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