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10/14/13 7:54 P

I keep bags of fresh spinach, carrots, broccoli in the frig for quick steaming. I roast a chicken on Sunday that I can eat from for 3-4 days. in the freezer i have preformed lean beef patties and I will eat 1/2 a patty (3 oz) with my veggies. Also keep romaine lettuce, tomatoes, sweet peppers, onion for almost daily lunch. Sometimes I have Gorton fish for my protein, or tuna is always an option, on biscuits. Lo fat cottage cheese goes nicely with a fruit salad. At times I have an egg with Canadian bacon on English muffin. Hope that helps. Once I have my chicken cooked, none of my meals takes more than 20 minutes.

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10/14/13 7:37 P

I get a ton of recipes from The food this woman makes is incredible, easy to prepare,and she also tallies Weight Watchers points and other caloric info.

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10/14/13 3:18 P


I too am short on time, so I make meals that require very little prep time. I really like to make salads with grilled chicken on it. I buy an already grilled frozen chicken (Tyson fajita chicken) and it only takes about 5 minutes on the stove. While it cooks, I like to cut my veggies. And I use a Caesar vinaigrette dressing so it only comes in at about 250 calories. Very delicious and simple.

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10/14/13 8:23 A

Thanks for ideas

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10/14/13 5:29 A

There are lots of meal plan idea here:

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10/13/13 4:28 P

Have you got a freezer? If so, bulk cook a variety and freeze in individual-serve containers.

I use skinless chicken drumsticks and cook a few with lentils (thickens, adds fibre, and extends the meat) onion, capsicum, carrot, celery and a few dried apricots. That is yummy with mashed potato or over rice or couscous.

I also do the same, leaving out the apricots, but using a can of flavoured tomatoes - usually basil. Some I do with mushrooms and a little dried mushroom soup powder (helps thicken and add more mushroom flavour.)

I make a variety of beef casseroles, too, some will be with a little chilli, some will be with basil, some may be with a hint of curry.

I make a variety of thick, pureed vege soup, too.

They are all great for variety, cutting the cost re less power/gas used, reducing washing up, great for the can't-be-bothered-cooking days, or days when you are just too tired to cook. Of course, it adds variety - great for a pick'n'mix.


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10/13/13 4:02 P

It's hard to say without knowing what you you eat alone? Do you like to cook? Do you eat out at all? That and a million other questions come to mind. Are you looking to prepare a menu in advance? Me.....I just make most of my meals on the fly...breakfast is my main meal. I usually start with a double water with frozen grapes in it rather than ice. A big Bowl of Cheerios with sliced banana and some defrosted frozen strawberries, or some sliced peaches round off the food...I'm not a coffee drinker, so, I have a cup of juice with my pills and call it even. Have little or no snacks, but if I bring home ANY candy, you can be sure I'll eat too many at once so I just steer clear of them. Wish I could help more.

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10/13/13 3:40 P

I'm looking for some ideas for meal plans. I enjoy healthy, variety. I am not always fond of Spark meal plans on the tracker. Any ideas? I love to cook, sometimes short on time with work. My husband and I are not fussy eaters.

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