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8/14/13 9:33 P


Thanks for all this information ! This is very helpful !

NIRERIN Posts: 14,236
8/14/13 8:40 A

easy swaps:
- skip the orange and oil and add a banana
- skip the almond milk and add a Tablespoon of nut butter
- skip the oatmeal and hard boiled eggs and have an omelet instead. keep the one whole, three white ratio, but add cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, onion, mushroom, spinach, whatever veggie floats your boat.
- instead of spinach, cucumber,and lime juice try kale and peppers or mushrooms sauteed with garlic and olive oil.
- instead of spinach, cucumber,and lime juice try tomatoes and cauiflower, perhaps roasted? maybe lightly seasoned with curry?
- skip the yogurt and use cottage cheese
- skip the orange in favor of another type of citrus
- try baking/roasting your chicken breast with some spices and bake some seasoned squash as well in place of the chicken and quinoa.
- do a wrap in place of quinoa and add some extra veggies in, though you may want to make this a post meal rather than a pre workout
- skip the quinoa in favor of black beans and salsa
- swap your sweet potato for parsnip
- maybe do a miso glaze on your salmon and kale or pureed cauliflower as the veg

8/14/13 8:24 A

Congrats on losing weight and getting healthier! Sounds like your trainer has you on something close to the Zone Diet. My CrossFit coaches are big fans of the diet and I've felt my best (and lost weight) when I was strict Zone. Here's a PDF that explains how it works and has several charts on portion sizes of different foods as well as sample meal plans:

The "Unfavorable" carbs are high glycemic and the "Favorable" are low glycemic so you'll see you get to eat a much larger portion of broccoli than banana!

8/14/13 7:34 A

Glad to hear you plan to add more variety to the fruits and veggies.
Since you enjoy the meat/protein--then continue with these amounts. You could add on some red meat/beef/pork----I would encourage the use of lean beef cuts and pork loin (also a lean cut).


TIGER_LILY_613 Posts: 519
8/13/13 10:06 P


Thank you for your input. Like you, eating the same food daily makes it easier for me stay on track, but I know that wouldn't work for my folks. I am also open to seeing if it is possible to eat a little of a larger variety of foods and still stay healthy.

Like me, my parents need to lose 60+ lbs too. I know they can't do the same exercises that I am doing (eg: stair stepper) because they have arthritis, so I recommended that they do something gentler, like walking or gardening.

A lot of our food back home is starch-based, but they do eat a lot of soups based on vegetables in them (eg: spinach). I'll discuss with them about eating smaller portions of non-vegetable carbs, and eating more fresh veggies and fruit. That should help.

My dad will definitely need larger portions than my mom too, since men need more calories. We will have to keep tweaking till we find something that works.

Thank you.

TIGER_LILY_613 Posts: 519
8/13/13 9:50 P


I'll look into adding more fruits and veggies, thanks. As for the protein, I enjoy eating meat and fish, so it never feels like I have to force it down. He advised against red meat / beef, but I do have some occasionally on weekends.

I feel full really quickly (I'm told proteins have that effect), so on some days I don't get through all 6 meals, either because I feel stuffed or just really sleepy (I should add that I go to the gym twice a day for 20 minute cardio sessions, and do strength training 3 times a week. On strength training days, I feel really sleepy after eating).

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
8/13/13 9:01 P

I find eating the same food daily helps me stick to my diet, and I like the same food. I tend to like a lot more veggies to get my carbs, but this is obviously working for you.

Transferring a diet to your parents may be a challenge. Do they also need to lose 60 lbs.? If you are eating less than 1500, and working out, you are running a deficit, and losing weight. For someone who is at goal weight, losing 2 lbs a week could be a problem, so the guidelines seems to be a good idea, but following your plan exactly might not be a great idea. Older people might not need as much protein, especially if they aren't as active. They may want more vegetables, and less fruit, or yogurt.

4-6 meals with lean protein, healthy carbs, and fruits and vegetables is going to work, since it cuts out trigger foods. This leads to an avoidance of hunger, and is why you can eat low enough to lose weight so rapidly. I think with a little adaptation, this will work fine, but in reality, it is not that far from what is considered a normal diet. As a low carber, I like the higher protein, and clean carbs you eat. No processed foods, or sugary sweets. I would eat less dairy, and more veggies though.

I think if your parents are at a healthy weight, and less active, they will probably need slightly less protein, and a few more carb choices. I believe that carbs are most diet's downfall, since food manufacturer's have made bad changes to them for packaging. Protein, and fat have been left alone more often than not. This processing is the cause of trigger foods mostly coming from carb selections, so it may not be the quantity of the carbs, but the quality. So while they may eat different carb selections, and might even eat more, just make sure they are eating clean carbs like you are. The rest they will adjust over a few weeks time, and hopefully have success if they need weight loss, as well as enjoy the food, and experience a lack of hunger, which many people struggle with, and is the #1 cause of people straying from their eating plan.

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8/13/13 8:10 P

I think you could easily add a variety of fruits and veggies to this meal plan. Pick any fruit or non-starchy veggies to your liking.

How are you feeling about all that protein. Do you like that much meat; or are you finding that you have to force it down?


TIGER_LILY_613 Posts: 519
8/13/13 7:36 P

Thank you.

I am following this plan, but I track the calories on my nutrition tracker every day.
My SP recommended calorie range is 1200 - 1500.
Since I started following the trainer's plan, I've been losing roughly 2.5 lbs / week.
I chose not to have the calorie range vary with my fitness activities, because the 6 meals leave me feeling full most of the time.

That said, I do think it'd be a good idea to have some variety in my meals !

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8/13/13 7:28 P

CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss.
I assume you are using this plan and not counting calories, etc.
How much weight are you losing weekly?
Do you know your SP Calorie Range for weight loss?


TIGER_LILY_613 Posts: 519
8/13/13 7:25 P

Thanks for your feedback.

I'm trying to lose 100 lbs, and so far with this plan I'm 40lbs down. If the goal can be reached with a wider variety of meals, I'd be very happy with to switch it up.

I'll check out the site you recommended. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Thank you.

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8/13/13 7:10 P

What is the goal of this plan??
It does contain a great deal of protein? Probably more than most people need.
Seems very restrictive in the food selections, especially if you had to eat it day after day.
I don't think your trainer has any "formal education" in nutrition or menu planning.

I think a plan using:
would offer much more variety within the food groups; and provide a better way to meet nutritional needs.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

TIGER_LILY_613 Posts: 519
8/13/13 4:55 P

Hi ! I blogged about this today, but figured I'd ask about it on the message boards in case anyone here could help.

I'm looking for a way to shake up my meal plan. So far, I've been eating what the trainer ordered. It's the same 4-6 meals everyday. While it's convenient for me, my folks would like to follow it too, and I know they'd prefer to have some variety.

Here's my meal plan, specifically :
Meal 1: 4 oz. 0% Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt with 1 Orange and ½ teaspoon of Coconut Oil...
Meal 2: ¼ cup of Oatmeal made with Unsweetened Almond Milk and 3 hard boiled Egg Whites and 1 Whole Egg
Meal 3: 4 oz. Grilled Chicken Breast, a side of Spinach and Cucumber Salad, with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lime Juice
Meal 4: 4 oz. 0% Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt and 1 Orange
PRE WORKOUT MEAL 4 oz. of Grilled Chicken Breast with ¼ cup of Quinoa
POST WORKOUT MEAL: 4 oz. Baked Salmon with ½ Baked Sweet Potato
DRINK 1 gallon min of water daily

My folks also live on a different continent, so some of the things in meal plan (like quinoa, almond milk and greek yogurt) aren't available where they live. My meal plan also doesn't include the staple foods available in their country, and they'd miss those very much.

So instead, I'm trying to analyze what I'm eating so that they can make it work for themselves. Analyzing my meal plan, it seems that the rules are:
- have a protein at every meal (eggs, fish, chicken or turkey)
- have one or two fresh vegetables at least once a day (spinach, cucumbers, asparagus, etc)
- have two fruits every day (like oranges and apples, for good digestion)
- have low glycemic carbs about an hour before working out
- have high gycemic carbs after working out.
- eat small portions every 3 hours (staves off crazy hunger pangs, keeps metabolism humming)
- limit salt and sugar intake

Would this be good advice to give them ? Do you have other suggestions ? I would really like to understand the rules of good nutrition.

Thank you.

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