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VELAINE66 Posts: 339
2/27/14 4:02 P

Thank-you Becky.

2/27/14 3:46 P

As listed in the previous post there can be an error in some of the food listings since magnesium is not listed on a food label. This could happen with the foods that are entered by our SP members.

If you use the core foods in our database (that are not entered by members) you will get a very accurate nutrient intake amount. These foods come from the USDA food database.

If you would like a listing of foods that are high in magnesium, use this link. Enter the nutrient of your choice (magnesium) and have the program sort by "nutrient content".

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
2/27/14 1:29 P

The thing about some of the "extras" like magnesium is that they are not required to be reported on food labels like calories, fat, protein, carbs are. So for a lot of those extras, your tracker will underestimate because the label doesn't have it on there, so zero is assumed (though not always right). Aim for the proper calorie/fat/protein/carb balance with health whole foods, and the rest will follow. :)

VELAINE66 Posts: 339
2/27/14 1:11 P

Thank-you for this and other post. Currently I am frustrated because I am never able to reach my magnesium range and sometime other minerals with going over my calorie range. I will continue to track and read and learn.

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10/8/13 3:57 P

I didn't remember about the meal planner. Thanks for the reminder.

10/8/13 2:54 P

MAGTASTIC gave you the directions to see the Sparkpeople meal plans, and I will add some more info.

You will also see where you can make substitutions to the meal plans using the ones given.

And yes, you can also make your own changes. If you don't want an apple pick a different fruit. If pork chops are on sale then substitute that for the meat. Just keep within the same food group with your substitution and your total values should stay near range.

Spark Coach does not have a person to "evaluate" your meal plans; but I and or SP members will be happy to look at your nutrition tracker and give tips. You just need to make it public, and post a thread asking for this help.

your SP Registered Dietitian

MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 588
10/8/13 2:15 P

Yes, there is a meal planner.

In your nutrition tracker, under the date there is a button that says 'Tracker Options.' Hover over that and you'll see a drop down menu. The first option should be 'Show Meal Plans.' Click that and it will give you meal plans every day.

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10/8/13 1:44 P

I get discouraged when I plan my meals and end up way out of range on a certain category but at my calorie goal (example plan for tomorrow has only 9 grams of fat). I think I'm eating fairly healthy until I look at the daily report. I get frustrated and defeated when I have to keep going over and over trying to figure out how to balance everything. Is there a Spark meal planner that actually provides daily menus? Is a Spark Coach an actual person who will look at my plans and make recommendations?

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