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1/19/11 10:31 P

I am a big fan of soup. I love Campbell's garden variety of the soup bowls and some crackers. Fruit is also good, and you can grab it for snacks also if you've got a long shift. Cheese and wheat crackers are filling. A lot of people I know make a big dinner of some kind for their families at the start of their week and bring in leftovers to re-heat through the week, and seem to do well with that. Be sure to drink lots of water too!

Oh, and as far as tracking goes, I try to do midnight to midnight being one day, and created a custom meal called "work lunch" that I use the nights I'm working to track the meal that I usually eat between midnight and 2 a.m. It's easy to do that on your nutrition tracker. That really helped me with my tracking as to what goes on which day.

Sorry, I keep thinking of things to add. Just wanted to say that some days end up being over and some days under my calorie range, due to the varying number of hours I might be awake in a given day, but it all usually balances out over time.

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1/19/11 9:55 P

As for meal ideas, I always have a couple of cans of soup in case of emergency and I forget to pack something. But, more substantially...

Things to pack:
-roasted/grilled veggies (you can do that on the weekend) and tortilla shells (+ some salsa or plain yogurt/sour cream)

-spaghetti squash (baked) with salsa (super low cal and fills you up) and some whole-wheat crackers

-crackers and veggies with hummus (easy to do by bringing the whole package of crackers and baby carrots with you if you don't have time to pack and chop)

-a sweet potato or baking potato to pop in the microwave and bring something to garnish it with (I love Indian raita, plain yogurt, salt and pepper or, for a treat, a sugar and cinnamon mixture)

-microwave shepherd's pie: frozen veggies (corn, peas, carrots, etc - fresh works too, but this is the easiest) tossed into a tupperware container and kept in the freezer or a cooler bag when you get to work - heat in the microwave until cooked; instant mashed potatoes, made with water (it works great without the milk) from a kettle or boiled in the microwave and, if you're really motivated, some powdered instant gravy or some real gravy. Put the mashed potatoes on top of the veggies, pour the gravy on top and microwave until warm all the way through. Takes five minutes to make and can be made *at* work.

-I have been known to make an entire meal out of single-servings of applesauce, diced fruit, granola bars and string cheese etc.

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If I'm up at untraditional hours, I track for the 16-or-so hour period during which I'm awake and call that my "day."

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Thanks for the responses guys. Yes i do have access to both microwave and coffee maker. I managed to prepare some meals, but got a little lost on the tracking, since i am shifting from day shift into nights. How do you track? I tracked from the time i woke up until the time i finish my shift which is the time i sleep(so that will make up my day). But my night shifts are 12.5 hours long. I have gone over calorie wise as the time i have tracked is over a 24 hour period (as i have been awake on the day of my actual shift too)

I hope this makes some sort of sense!

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1/18/11 8:42 P

Do you have access to a microwave or a coffee maker? If you run an empty coffee maker, it gives you everything you need for a "just-add-water" meal, like an Asian noodle bowl.

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I am also a 3rd shifter. I have found it somewhat difficult because on my days off I revert to a "normal" shcedule". What I usually do is eat 4 meals and one snack. The 4th meal is usually just bigger than a snack.. I eat when I come in from work, uaually breakfast food,then sleep, when I wake up I eat a dinner, small snake before work and then while I am at work I eat what would be considered "lunch" to most. I usually bring a sandwich and a small salad. yogurt and fruit and crackers of some kind. I usually eat around 2am and save either fruit or crackers until about 4am..

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1/18/11 5:33 P

For those of you who work third shift/night shifts, what do you pack for meals. I am looking for portable low calorie ideas and cant seem to come up with any!

Many thanks!

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